Celestial Dreams by Laurel Burch Has Arrived

Fans of Laurel Burch’s art and fabric will be please to hear that the latest Clothworks line based on her artwork has now arrived at ChristaQuilts.com.

Here are some of the Laurel Burch Celestial Dreams Metallic Prints:

Laurel Burch Celestial Panel Laurel Burch Celestial Dreams Sun Laurel Burch Celestial Dreams Blue Moon Laurel Burch Celestial Dreamland

I absolutely love the panel piece and the others are enhanced with gold etching. I think the “goddess” type print above right is kind of funky but definitely unique!

Here are a few of the star coordinates which have so far outsold the jazzier focus prints:

Laurel Burch Orange Stars Laurel Burch Blue Stars Laurel Burch Red Stars Laurel Burch Green Stars Laurel Burch Aqua Stars

They seem to go with everything! And of course no collection would be complete without a superb quilt kit to go along with it. Don’t you just want to make this one? I do!


Laurel Burch Celestial Dreams Quilt Kit

Laurel Burch Celestial Dreams Quilt Kit

Many of you know that Laurel Burch passed away in 2007 from a rare bone disease she dealt with her entire life. I’m so glad that her and her family’s wish was for her artwork to carry on after she was gone. What a legacy!

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