Textile Artist Friends

I love having crafty friends! My very dear friend Janice (the one whom I shared pastries with yesterday) made me this beautiful cross-stitched picture. It is perfect for my kids’ jungle themed bathroom. She painstakingly formed each stitch by hand with multiple thread variations and intricate shading. Her handy hubby made the decorative frame.

Jungle Cross-StitchIn exchange, I made her this intricately quilted and appliqued wall-hanging for her home. I machine blanket stitched around the edges of each applique piece with matching thread. Then I echo quilted the backgrounds with metallic thread and added a double cable quilting design to frame the border. Special friends deserve special quilts!

Rose of Sharon Floral Applique Wallhaning

One thought on “Textile Artist Friends

  1. Paula J. Newbry says:

    What an awesome gift you received and what an awesome gift you gave your friend in return! You so so lucky to have each other as friends!

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