Machine Quilting with Mickey Depre

I took “Advanced Machine Quilting” with Mickey Depre when I attended Road to California recently – the quilters conference and showcase extraordinaire.

Mickey taught us three simple principles to achieve fabulous machine quilting stitches.

1. First, – make that mind body connection drawing out your free motion designs on paper. If you can draw it – you can stitch it. Here’s my pencil drawing and then the stitched out design done free form with no marking on a practice quilt sandwich.

Flower DoodlesFlower Quilting

2. Next, look for inspiration all around you.

InspirationMickey handed out some ads and had us look for design elements within that ad. Here’s what I came up with – can you tell what part of the ad I’m using?

I saw diamonds on the fabric in the ad and they morphed into concentric squares. The lamps gave me two shapes to play with – a tapered squiggle and half-moon design. The sun/stars came from playing with the tassel design in the picture.

Then we combined two of the styles and did another pencil drawing and quilt design. I combined the squiggles with the stars and here’s what I got:


3. The final words of wisdom she gave is that we need to practice several times a week. I call it “quilting exercise”. Once your quilting hands are primed for daily quilting, it will be as easy as drawing on paper. This was a fabulous class, taught by a fabulous teacher!

Mickey Depre and ChristaCheck out Mickey Depre’s website at

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