Machine Quilting With Charlotte Warr Andersen

The last class I took at Road to California was learning how to quilt allover geometric shapes on a quilt WITHOUT marking! This class was given by Charlotte Warr Andersen and she was so energetic and full of great quilting wisdom. She gave me permission to take photos during class so that I could share them on my blog.

Here’s Charlotte showing us her award-winning quilt using her no mark-method:

Charlotte Warr Andersen QuiltUsing Tape to Avoid Marking It’s  amazing what you can do with blue painter’s tape!

Plaid QuiltingThe basic idea is starting quilting with just one straight line. Her book, “One Line at a Time” expands on this premise.

By using tape to mark off certain areas and intersections, you can achieve amazing results.

Here are some step by step photos showing the creation of a plaid texture design starting with a square grid.

Arrow QuiltingThis one is slightly more complicated but very cool. It’s all about sewing from point to point to create the design.

You can see a little closeup of Charlotte’s quilt underneath. I thought it made a nice background for my picture!

The photo below shows a Double Wedding Ring Quilt with a different quilt motif in each ring. Old meets new in this quilt. It’s called, “Double Charlotte”, named for her grandmother Charlotte Warr who pieced the top.

Double Charlotte Wedding Ring Quilt

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