Dr. Seuss Quilt, Thing 1 and 2 Costumes

I was so taken with the introduction of Dr. Seuss fabric that I just had to get some! Here’s a picture of Jason and me dressed up as Thing 1 and Thing 2 for Halloween last year.

Thing 2 Thing 1 Halloween CostumesI found the wigs at the store and just knew they were perfect for these costumes. I bought the blue and red spotted fabric at a local quilt shop (now I’m carrying the entire line). I used a super easy sewing pattern to make the pants, then appliqued the letters and circles to the front of red T-shirts. It still cracks me up seeing us dressed like this but it was fun and we got quite a few comments on our outfits.

Dr. Seuss QuiltHere’s a quick and easy strippy quilt my friend Jessica made with Cat in the Hat fabric and coordinating yellow dots. I love how she cut the black and white striped fabric on the bias for the binding. What a perfect gift for her child’s school teacher!

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