Moda Charm Packs Galore

Pile O' CharmpacksI hope you aren’t getting tired of reading about charm packs because I am certainly not tired of writing about them and sewing with them – they are just “sew” addicting!

Here’s a recent pile of charm packs and jelly rolls that arrived from Moda, waiting to be labeled and bagged for shipping.

Lily Ashbury Charm Pack Quilt TopHere’s my current charm pack quilt project that I’m working on. It uses two packs of charms cut in half. I chose Lily Ashbury’s Summer House but think this will look great in any charm pack color combo.

As I wrote in the last post, my new thing is designing quilts in EQ7. As soon as this one is finished, I plan on kitting it and making a pattern from it. It’s super easy yet very striking, especially in colorful modern fabrics!

Here are the next few Moda charm packs that I would like to do something with:

Nature's Gift

Nature's Gift



Lil' Rascals

Lil' Rascals

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