Teach a Child to Sew…

And she’ll become quilter for life! I helped my daughter make her first quilt last summer on my Bernina. For Christmas, she got her very own sewing machine – a little Janome.  Today we finally set  it up and started teaching her to sew on her own.

Jenna's Sewing MachineI want to teach her the basics first, so we practiced loading the thread, winding the bobbin, and threading the needle. She got the hang of it quickly, and it’s just the right size for her.

I wanted her to practice straight lines so she sewed on pieces of lined paper for awhile. She had a lot of fun with that and picked it up very quickly. For our next lesson, we’ll practice on fabric and I’ll let her rummage through my scrap pile. We had a great SaturdPaper Stitchesay afternoon!

Sewing on Paper

3 thoughts on “Teach a Child to Sew…

  1. Patricia Parker says:

    Hi Christa
    I have taught my both my daughter and grandaughters to sew .My Daughter has made her own wedding dress saved lots of money and now is expexting a baby ,and making baby clothes.My grandchildren Ashley 12 and Daisy 8 years old have both made quilts on my Janome .Sewing is something which stays with them for a lifetime.

    • Veerle Lakiere says:

      I love this picture of your little daughter, dear Christa. It’s a marvelous idea of you to teach her sewing. When I was little I made my doll’s clothes on my mum’s Singer sewing machine. It was with treadles, not that easy to handle…. later it helped me with the spinning, also treadling!

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