More Amazing Quilts

I wanted to share a few more pictures with your from several of my quilt guild friends. These were all entered into the Desert Quilters of Nevada Quilt show and are shown with the permission of each artist. (If I’d have had more time and space, I could literally show hundreds more – there were over 300 pieces in the entire show – it was a feast for the eyes!) Be sure to see my previous posts for more  amazing quilts!

Maribeth Benedict, Best Friends

Maribeth Benedict, Best Friends

This adorable piece was begun at our guild’s quilting retreat last year. We had a class on Sunbonnet Sue and it was fun to see everyone’s finished quilts. This one took 2nd in the Hand Quilted category. It’s nice to know that people still enjoy hand quilting.

Ann Pugh, Happier Than a Bird...

Ann Pugh, Happier Than a Bird...

Ann’s whimsical quilt above says, “Today I will be happier than a bird with a french fry!” I thought that was so cute with the coordinating french fry fabric! Ann was one of the first people I met when I joined the guild over 15 years ago. She’s one of the founding members and is still making scores of quilts. Our guild has been around now for over 25 years!

Sandy Crawford, Mojave Majesty

Sandy Crawford, Mojave Majesty

The quilt above is an example of Sandy’s beautiful landscape work. She was our featured quilter for this show. For years she’s been making beautiful landscapes depicting the desert areas surrounding Las Vegas. This took first place in the Wall-Applique quilt category. Be sure to click on the picture to see a larger version. The details are amazing!

Jenna's 1st Quilt

Jenna Watson, Jenna's 1st Quilt

Finally, I’ll end this post with quilts made by my daughter Jenna, and her friend Ashtyn. Jenna was so excited to get a 3rd place ribbon on her quilt in the youth category and Ashtyn took 2nd with hers. We were pleasantly surprised that there were enough youth entries that they could actually be judged, not just displayed.

Rubies for Ruby

Ashtyn Whatcott, Rubies for Ruby

2 thoughts on “More Amazing Quilts

  1. Toni Carringer says:

    Hi, I’m trying to locate Sandy Crawford to get permission to use one of her patterns. Is there away we can communicate some information?

  2. Paula says:

    Tell Jenna and her friend we are all proud of them for entering their quilts and getting a ribbon! Future sewers – how cool is that!

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