Cats Charity Quilt

I just love it when people send me photos of their finished projects (especially using fabric they purchased from me). It’s fun to see such talent out there, plus it gives me more interesting things to write about when I’m between projects myself. Today I’m showing an adorable kitty cat quilt made by Susan O from Israel, shown with her permission.

Susan's CatsSusan loves to make quilts to give away to those in need. This cute cat quilt was given to a Bedouin Arab worker’s 1st child. She recently ordered some fabric from me to ship to a US crafty charity as a donation; it was the same price to buy and donate fabric from the US as it would have been for her to go through her stash and ship it from home. I’m glad I can help!

2 thoughts on “Cats Charity Quilt

  1. Paula says:

    Very cool quilt and way to go, Christa, for helping her get fabric shipped to a U.S. A. charity. Be sure to let your friends all know about how they can ship (or deliver blankets themselves) new blankets or kid-friendly bright-colored fabric for kids ages newborn to age 18 years old to Project Linus anywhere in the U.S., by contacting a chapter closest to them. The website is I am one of 6 chapter coordinators for the Tri-cities chapter in Washington State.

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