It’s Spring Cleaning Time!

Leaving... On a Jet PlaneOrganizing ProjectWe just sent the kids off to stay with relatives back east for a whole week. You know what Jason and I are going to do with our time now?

We should take an exotic vacation or a romantic second honeymoon. But instead, we are going to use the time to clean and organize the house while they are gone (and maybe squeeze in dinner and a movie or two!)

We’ll tackle some much needed projects like the one shown here. This load of fabric and craft supplies has been piling up  behind my couch for a few months now – leftover from when my mom cleaned out her fabric stash. It will be put to good use!

We also have a set of curtains to hang, cupboards to organize, and some major dusting to do, plus a few repairs here and there.

After we get our home into a somewhat decent order, then  we have some major business planning to do. I need to move forward on several quilt pattern ideas I’m working on and I have loads of kits that I want to start putting together.

My hope is that a clean and organized home will lead to a more creative thought process and a more peaceful and productive place to work!

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