Weight Loss Week 6 – It’s Ok to Cheat a Little

I think it’s ok to cheat a little… on your diet that is! I’ve also cheated a little this week by pushing back my weekly weigh-in until the numbers were a little more favorable 🙂

I lost another pound this week, bringing my total to 11 pounds and still going strong. Yes, it’s hard to get up day after day and keep doing the same routine. But I know it will pay off in the long run. And a little bit of cheating goes a long way.

Here are some tips this week on how to cheat on your diet and still feel good about it 🙂

1. Load up on the Fruits and Veggies. Really, 100 calories of veggies is a ton more bulk than 100 calories worth of brownie. Yes, I’m still eating the brownie, but I eat the veggies first so I’m not quite as hungry. Summer is a great time for all sorts of sweet fruits, too – watermelon, strawberries, fresh berries, etc.

2. Go for the Frozen Fudge Bar. I found these fantastic 100 calorie frozen fudge popsicles at Sam’s Club and they are like heaven. And if I really must have 2, that’s only 200 calories! Do you know how much brownie it takes to get to 200 calories?? Not much! My next purchase will be frozen yogurt bars….

3. Weigh in After Exercising. I can sweat off a good pound or two on a long run. It may be mostly water weight, but in this summer heat, that’s a good thing! (I also weigh-in after using the restroom and when wearing thin clothing – I want to be as light as possible!!)

4. Take 1 Cheat Day (or Meal) a Week. For maximum weight loss, it really should be one cheat “meal” but it’s ok to take a break every now and then. It lets your body know you are not starving and helps prevent the crash and binge.

That’s it for now. I’m feeling energetic and ready to tackle the rest of my weekly projects! You can read about last week’s progress here.

One thought on “Weight Loss Week 6 – It’s Ok to Cheat a Little

  1. Janice says:

    Hey Christa,
    You are doing great with your weight loss. I have no doubt that you will meet your goals. You have inspired Olivier to watch the Biggest Looser to motivate him in his weight loss goals! It’s working. He has found that just taking a little time with his food before he eats it to think about it and smell its wonderful goodness helps him to not eat too fast, and he has lost 2 pounds from this mind/body exercise. Say hi to everyone for us.
    Janice and family.

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