Weight Loss Week 9 – Drink Lots of Water

ItDrink Lots of Water can’t be stressed enough during the hot summer weather how important it is to drink plenty of water!

My weight loss plateaued this week, with nothing lost. That means I didn’t gain weight either so I’m still happy about that. What with all the summer parties and barbecues, eating opportunities abound. My total weight loss is 14.8 pounds gone. It’s staying off and it’s not coming back! Click here to read last week’s report.

One of the easiest ways to stay the course is to keep drinking lots of water and that will magically “flush” the pounds away! I shoot for 8-10 glasses each day. My favorite water bottle  holds about 3 cups so I only have to drink about 3 of these a day to stay hydrated.

Here are this week’s tips on how to chug enough water every day!

1. Fill up a large water bottle and keep it by my side at all times. It’s amazing how much water I can drink with just a sip or two here and there. I also fill it up with lots of ice when I head out to run errands. On a hot day, I can drain the container very quickly!

2. Drink a full glass of water before each meal. Not only does that knock out at least  3 cups of water out of my daily total, it helps my tummy feel fuller quicker so I’m less tempted to over eat!

3. Remind myself of the added benefits of drinking enough water. When I drink enough water I’m less likely to get dehydration headaches. Plus,  I heard recently that drinking plenty of water also helps speed up your metabolism so that’s an added bonus.

4. Water down the drinks. If I am at a party where they are serving soda or lemonade and I want just a little, I’ll water it down. That decreases the calories and increases my water intake, too.

Here’s to a thirst-quenching week!

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