Loopy Quilting

I made this cute pink and brown baby quilt a few years ago and wanted to share the loopy quilting I did in the border triangles surrounding the blocks. My inspiration was taken from the loopy pink and brown fabric in the blocks.

Pink & Brown Baby QuiltThis quilt was super fast to make. It’s a simple rail fence set on point.

The blocks are made from 2 1/2 inch strips. I  sewed 9 coordinating pink and brown strips Loopy Quiltingtogether (3 strips each of 3 different colors) and cut them into 6 inch finished sized blocks (6 1/2″ unfinished).

I made a total of 18 blocks with cream colored setting triangles. I added a 2 inch inner border and 5 inch outer border.  It finished around 41″ x 50″ – a great crib sized quilt.

Here’s a closeup of the loopy quilting – a great way to finish a quilt in a hurry!

I made the top before the Jelly Roll craze but it would be fun to make a scrappy version using pre-cut strips, too.

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