Bungle Jungle Charm Quilt Week 4 – Ditch Quilting

Bungle Jungle QuiltI didn’t make a ton of progress on my Bungle Jungle modern quilt this week, mostly because I was packing up to go on our family vacation and getting all my ducks in a row ahead of time.

(They are quacking nicely now!)

But, I did get all of my stitch in the ditch quilting done so I’m ready for the best part, the free motion quilting next week!

I think my plan will be to quilt a different motif in each charm square, to practice a bunch of free-motion quilting designs.

Stitch in the DitchI want to add tons more quilting. By pressing the Quilt Back with Grid Quiltingseams open, stitching in the ditch in between the charm squares was a breeze. It created a grid over the surface of the quilt which you can see on the back side of the quilt. Click for closeups.

Sewing LineI used an acrylic ruler and a blue washout pen to mark straight lines where needed to complete the grid.

The quilt is now anchored so I can remove the rest of my basting pins and it’s ready for more quilting!

Be sure to join me tomorrow as I launch my new tutorial series: Do It Yourself Quilts!

One thought on “Bungle Jungle Charm Quilt Week 4 – Ditch Quilting

  1. Stitchgirl78 says:

    Hi Christa. I just read your post about pressing your seams open, and then read this post about stitching in the ditch. I have always pressed my seams to one side, however, I just completed my fist open seams quilt. I do love how flat the seams lie. I’m ready to FMQ it and I’m contemplating stitching in the ditch first.

    It seems there is great controversy regarding pressed open seams and stitching in the ditch. Since making and blogging about your Bungle Jungle Charm Quilt in 2012, are you still making open seam quilts, and are you still stitching in the open seam ditches? I value your quilting experience, and welcome any additional advice you wish to share about open seams and stitching in the ditch. Thanks so much.

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