A Visit with Deb Karasik

Last night, Deb Karasik visited my local quilting guild (Desert Quilters of Nevada) for a lecture and trunk show. Her work is absolutely amazing, and she was the most entertaining quilt speaker I’ve ever seen. She told us stories of her rise to quilt fame, with a smile on her face and the funniest stories I’ve ever heard. I can’t even begin to rephrase them!

Fun DebDeb KarasikClick on these photos for a larger view to see the look on her face.

She was so priceless!

Of course, she showed us many award-winning beautiful quilts, and with the assistance of her husband, “Mr. Deb” we got to see them all.

Mr. Deb and assistant Lana

Deb is staying in town for the weekend offering two classes, today and tomorrow. I am taking both of them. Today’s class is called “Look Ma, No Curves!” Saturday’s class is called, “Batik Wheels.”

Deb Karasik - Look Ma, No Curves

Deb Karasik – Look Ma, No Curves

Deb designs her original quilts using Electric Quilt software, and she uses paper piecing techniques to create her beautiful one-of-a-kind creations. You can see more of her lovely work on her website as well as find products that make the process easier.

Deb Karasik - Batik Wheels

Deb Karasik – Batik Wheels

I am excited to take Deb’s classes and will be sure to post an update with pictures from my fun-filled weekend!

3 thoughts on “A Visit with Deb Karasik

  1. Emma Parker says:

    These are really beautiful quilts! I can’t wait to hear how the classes went for you and what you learned, and of course, see a product! Funny speakers always make for my favorite classes.

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