Charming Chevrons Followup #2

Here are a this week’s questions I received about my  Charming Chevrons quilt tutorial.

Ivy asked if I was sitting down while rotary cutting.

Yes, for part of the time I was, when trimming all of those triangle squares! I keep a medium sized mat next to my sewing machine while piecing so that I can trim as necessary. (Then I just move it out of the way when I’m machine quilting or need more sewing surface area.)

Medium Mat

Medium Mat

Large Mat

Large Mat

For smaller pieces like the triangle squares I can comfortably trim while sitting. However, for larger chunks of fabric, or for rotary cutting lots of individual units, I will stand to cut. I have a larger rotary cutting mat that I keep on my large utility tables (which are the same tables I use for basting – with the emphasis on the word UTILITY!)

Aggie & Kathie are both making their quilts with double the amount of squares cut from Layer Cakes. They need to know the new dimensions.

Their layout will use almost twice as many triangles squares, a total of 320 to be exact (with 16 leftover). This size quilt will finish at 64″ x 80″ and the setting will be 16 triangle squares across by 20 triangles squares down. But we are getting ahead of ourselves since that will be part of next week’s homework!  See last Thursday’s follow-up post for another way to use a Layer Cake for this quilt.

Layer Cake Chevrons

Layer Cake Chevrons

I enjoy answering your questions while making this quilt, so keep them coming! You can either post them here on my blog or email me directly at I’ll respond with updates each week.

If you are just now joining us – this quilt is super fun and simple to make. It just requires 2 charm packs of color or print and 2 charm packs of background. Kits are available, too.

Be sure to email me pictures of your progress so I can share them during sew and tell!

2 thoughts on “Charming Chevrons Followup #2

  1. Jacque says:

    How much background would be needed if using a layer cake and making the larger size? I’ll be using yardage and not another layer cake for the background.

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