Sew and Tell – Jelly Roll Quilts Among Friends

I am happy to share pictures of Linda and Martha’s completed Jelly Roll quilts. The two friends love to make  quilts from precuts and are part of a “strip club”  of their local quilt guild. (You better not take that one out of context, LOL!)

They had a blast putting together 3 quilts between the two of them following my Jolly Jelly Roll Quilt Along. They finally finished their third quilt and are ready now for my next Do-It-Yourself Quilt project!

Christmas Jelly Roll Quilt

Isn’t it beautiful? The thing I love about having my blog is that everyone can work at their own pace and make one of my tutorial quilts at any time!

Here are pictures of the other two finished Jelly Roll quilts that these lovely ladies made.

Linda and Martha's Quilts

Here’s my original version that I made back in August, plus a computer generated picture of a Jelly Roll Quilt Kit I put together using Lily Ashbury material.

Vintage Modern Jelly Roll Quilt

Trade Winds Jelly Roll QuiltIsn’t it fun to see how different fabrics change the look of the same quilt design? I think I may make another one sometime using solids.

Jason and I plan on taking some better photographs of the quilts I’m blogging about  and then eventually turn them into published quilt patterns. Just think – those of you that are quilting along with me are helping by being my “pattern testers!” Thank you all very much!

I do love to see pictures of projects you’ve made – whether it’s from fabric purchased from me, a quilt-along quilt, or both. Email your pictures to

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