Christa’s Quilt Links – Flickr Groups To Check Out

Ok, I know I’m hitting the flickr thing a little hard, but I’ve really become addicted. So for today’s version of my favorite quilt links,  I will be listing a bunch of different groups I’ve found, and invite you to check them out as well.

Of course, I need to start with my very own flickr group that I created a couple of weeks ago: Christa’s Quilt-Along. I’ve been pleased with the response and it’s been fun to see pictures that everyone’s been posting.

Two other flickr groups that I’m personally involved with are Pile O’ Fabric’s Skillbuilder Block of the Month and Quiet Play’s And Sew On Paper Pieced Block of the Month.

If you are into modern quilting like I am, you can check out these two groups: The Modern Quilt Guild and Fresh Modern Quilts.

A group I just recently was invited to join is Quilt as Desired. Their focus is on machine quilting so I was all over that one!

And of course, everyone and their buddy is jumping on the Scrappy Trip Along bandwagon, so that’s another fun one to check out.

These few groups are like just a drop in the bucket compared the hundreds of different quilt and sewing related sites, and the thousands of groups available on flickr. So browse around, have fun, and don’t forget to come back and tell me any other fun groups I should join!

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