Christa’s Quilt Links, QuiltCon Intro and More

I’m linking up to a couple of different posts today. Then I’ll tell you about more fun linkups at the end! Warning: this post is heavy on words and light on pictures! 🙂

The Modern Quilt Guild is hosting a linky party for those of us attending QuiltCon in just a couple of weeks.  It’s a fun way for us to share pictures of ourselves so we can recognize each other when we meet in person. I’m also introducing myself  for the Thinky Thursday linky party. Here are 5 things you may not know about me:

Here's Christa!

Here’s Christa!

1. I signed up to go to QuiltCon all by myself with no roommate or traveling buddy. No, I’m not a loner. It’s just when I first heard about QuiltCon in August, I had never met or talked to any modern quilters before so I didn’t know a soul. I just knew I had to go to QuiltCon and make some modern quilts. In the few months since, I have met many online friends through their blogs, gotten one of my quilts juried into QuiltCon and now officially consider myself a modern quilter!

2. I’ve been quilting since I was 20, (a year after I got married) but sometimes feel like I’m still a beginner. It took me about 10 years to figure out stippling and another 10 to finally give starching a try. But this is the year I make up for lost time, LOL!!

3. I turn 40 this year. I had to put that in there because sometimes I feel a little “sandwiched” in between the younger modern crowd, and the more experienced ‘quiltie ladies’ from my guild as I call them, (some old enough to be friends with my grandmother). But I love them all!

4. My husband and I work full-time from home running our online quilt shop.  We also homeschool our 3 kids. Yes, we get in each other’s way and step on toes quite a bit so it’s kind of a crazy lifestyle. But we are in charge, so we love it! (We both used to be accountants so we know that a hard day at home is better than a great day at the office!)

Hubby and Kids

Hubby and Kids

5. I hated writing papers in college but I love to blog about quilting! Ok, that one is sort of cheesy but what it really means is that sometimes I can be a little long-winded. That’s the beauty of written thoughts. I can write pages and pages of blog thoughts and then edit them down to one or two simple posts. And yes, this is the shortened edited version, LOL!!

So now that I’ve shared where I’m linking up, I wanted to include the following linky parties that I have come across in my blog travels.

They are all sewing and quilting related, and I can spend hours browsing through them and finding tons of inspiration. Just click the images to go that blog and enjoy!

Monday Linkups:

Tuesday Linkups:

Wednesday Linkup:

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

Thursday Linkups
Live A Colorful LifeThursday Think Tank

And Sew Thinky Thursday Hosted by Mommy’s Nap Time

Friday Linkups

Lily's Quilts

And Finish It Up Friday Hosted by Crazy Mom Quilts

Weekend Linkups:

Finding FifthFree Motion Quilting Project

If you have any other fun quilt-related linkups you participate in, just let me know!

15 thoughts on “Christa’s Quilt Links, QuiltCon Intro and More

  1. procrasticraft says:

    Hi Christa
    I too am travelling to Austin on my own, not because I didn’t know anyone but because I’m heading over from Australia and because the idea of a few nights in a hotel room on my own sounded too good to pass up! I have three small girls, 6, 5 and 1.5 and sleep does not come easy to them – I figure that with all the crazy fun we’ll have in Austin and even after jet lag is thrown in, I’ll still get more sleep than I do at home!
    I look forward to meeting you in a couple of weeks time, and to seeing your quilt in the show – I am excited about all the eye candy we’re gonna get.
    Oh, and I’ve never starched – perhaps I should start…
    Jules xx

  2. Sherri says:

    This was a fun post to read! I wish I were going to QuiltCon…

    I feel sort of sandwiched between the two quilting generations you mentioned too… But like you I enjoy every group!

  3. Erin @ Sew at Home Mummy says:

    It’s neat to learn more about all of you going to Quiltcon! Congratulations on getting a quilt juried!
    I actually have a link-up party I run on my blog called “Tips and Tricks Tuesdays” – if you ever have a sewing or quilting tip, trick or tutorial you’re posting, come on over and link up! 😀

  4. Kris says:

    Thanks Christa! I see some new ones here. I am enjoying your blog! Found you via Pile o fabric. I also link up on Mondays to Megan st Canoe Ridge Creations. 🙂

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