And She’s Off!

I got my Charming Chevrons quilt shipped off to QuiltCon today. Making the quilt was fun. The bag to store it in however, was another story!Quilt Bag

Shipping Box

We were required to enclose our quilts in some sort of drawstring bag.

The only bags we have around here are small ditty bags (for holding misc. board gaming pieces) or larger nylon bags that hold our backpacking gear – hubby wouldn’t be too happy if I took those over.

DrawstringFabric Chunk

So, I improvised. I took out a piece of string from a pair of my comfy-cozy pants (they stay up anyway) and grabbed a hunk of fabric that I thought would be big enough. It totally doesn’t match my quilt but I’m going for utility here. 🙂

Making the CasingDrawstring

With a bit of folding, ironing, pinning and sewing, I was able to sew up the sides and make a casing for the drawstring which I inserted with a safety pin and “fished”  around to the other end to close. I had to remember not to sew the openings closed. This is why I don’t make totes or “crafty” items- it’s hard for me to make it all line up when I’m working in 3D, LOL!!

In the future, I’ll stick to straight flat quilts instead and buy or trade for the rest. 🙂 At least the hanging sleeve was a breeze to make following Jacquie Gering’s wonderful tutorial.

My final touch was to add a label. I don’t like adding labels (call the quilt police now!) mostly because I haven’t found a “pretty” way to make one. I first tried free-motion embroidering my name in colored thread, but that didn’t turn out so well.

Ugly Embroidery

Next, I tried printing text onto some fusible backed white fabric. I was afraid the glue from the fusible would either melt or harm my laser printer, but it actually turned out ok. I used a sheet of Light Steam a Seam 2 which has paper on both sides. I took off one side of paper, ironed it to the back of some solid white fabric, trimmed it down to 8.5 x 11 inches and ran it through the printer. So far so good!

Quilt LabelsFinished Label

I was able to print off  two labels on one sheet of paper, a larger one for the bag and a smaller one for the quilt. I machined sewed the bag label and hand sewed on the quilt label.

I’ve never shipped a quilt to a show before, but I’m hoping the combination of wool and cotton batting I used will help relax the fold lines once it’s hung and give it a nice drape.

At least I can check that off my list for the week. Now for the next thing on my “to do” list…

17 thoughts on “And She’s Off!

  1. Krista fletcher says:

    I live the quilted circles!!!! Very cool finish. I have to admit, while I do all my own selection of fabrics, cutting, pricing, etc, I send my quilts of to the long arm…

  2. Cindy @ In A Stitch says:

    I have nominated your blog for the Versatile Blogger Award. Visit my blog on Friday, February 8, 2013 for details. You may choose not to accept the award. If you choose not to, just know that I enjoy reading your blog and find it to be a valuable resource. :o)

  3. TX JennyWren says:

    Who knew you had to make a sleeping bag for your quilt entry? hee hee I guess only if you have ever entered one would you know. Good luck on your quilt. I am halfway thru making mine and loving it!!

  4. alizavdw says:

    On Craftsy there is a free class on how to make drawstring bags. When I watched it, it just made so much sense… It’s worth a watch. Good luck on your quilt. I just love the quilting on it!
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  5. Diane says:

    Best of luck on your Charming Chevrons entry, Christa!! I’ll squeeze my eyes shut tight and by sheer will, your quilt will win and award. Yea! Go Christa.

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