BOM and WIP Blocks

I am adding to my list of UFO’s with my BOM and WIP! What in the heck does all that mean?

It means I am starting some more quilts that are quickly becoming Unfinished Fabric Objects. My newest quilt is a Block Of the Month project where I make a couple of quilt blocks each month until it is done. As long as I work on my quilts on a regular basis, they become my Works-In-Progress.

Sound Wave

Sound Wave



Here are my two blocks that I just finished, following along with the Skillbuilder Block of the Month at

I absolutely love these blocks. I think they are turning out very modern and I am gaining more color confidence in working with solids.  I am using Kona Coal Grey as the background and am very pleased with how it looks against the solids.

Modern Block - Not!

Modern Block – Not!

A few months ago I tried to make my first “modern” quilt block by adding grey to a paper pieced block I was making from bright  mottled fabrics.

The block design was awesome, but it just didn’t work with the grey!  I think my blocks above are much better.

In these last few months I have learned that it takes a lot more than simply adding grey to your quilt to make it modern. 🙂

While sewing my BOM blocks, I used lots of starch to keep the skinny strips nice and straight. I also cut the strips on the grain parallel to the selvedge (instead of cutting them WOF – the Width of Fabric). This grain has less stretch and give to it. While sewing, I also flipped my sewing direction on each successive strip so as not to distort the fabric.

Block Piecing

It’s amazing how much this block shrinks up due to the seam allowances!

I pressed all of my seams open first with a wooden seam roller (loving this tool!) and then with a dry iron. They are nice and flat!

Seam Roller Pressing

You can read my previous BOM post about picking fabrics. If you would like to join me, my friend Alyssa and a few (hundred) others making these fabulous blocks, just go to and check out her Skillbuilder Block of the Month.

15 thoughts on “BOM and WIP Blocks

  1. Claudia W says:

    I took a class at Quilt University on Bargello Quilts. One of the first things we learned was to alter the sewing directions for each strip. When you mentioned that it reminded me that I never finished that class, so guess what? It has to go on the top of my UFO list! I did just pick up the backing for a mystery quilt I did last summer. I want to finish that for my daughter’s birthday. (not going to happen though, he birthday is in 23 days!)
    I love the two blocks you have done: Sound Wave and Magnum. the colors are fantastic!
    Know what else I love? It’s staying lighter out later! YAY!

  2. Christa says:

    Great comment Ann! I sell those seam rollers in my shop. 🙂 I used them originally for paper piecing but now really like them for “finger” pressing my seams open.

  3. Ann says:

    Your blocks look great and I am loving that roller! Where did you pick it up at?? The acronym business of quilting is fun and crazy. Logically, it seems all WIP’s are UFO’s and all UFO’s are WIP. Its unfinished and work has progressed to a point. 🙂

    • Christa says:

      Great comment Ann! I sell those seam rollers in my shop. [image: :-)] I used them originally for paper piecing but now really like them for finger pressing my seams open. –Christa (Online Quilt Shop) (Blog)

  4. abby says:

    Christa – your first modern block is not bad just the dark grey took away from the rest of the fabric in the block. There is so many different hues of grey I would of auditioned others. A light grey might change your view of the whole block or even a grey batik (assuming that is what the fossil fern is). And I agree just adding grey does not make something modern, I think it is more the combination as a whole that makes something have a modern feel.

    I like your skill builder blocks, I love the solid color.

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