Tuesday Tools and Techniques – Fusible Batting Tape

Fusible what you say? Fusible batting tape! It’s my favorite new little find. Since I like to quilt my own quilts, I accumulate lots of large chunks of leftover batting that it’s hard to do anything with. Sure, I use them for table runners, wall-hangings, pillows, and practice samples. But yet, I still end up with LOTS of leftover batting pieces.

Heat Press Batting Together

Heat Press Batting Together

Well, not anymore! By simply joining the straight edges of two lengths of batting with a few pieces of special “tape”, now I can use up chunks that are too large to throw away, but too small for a quilt on their own. I can even add a thin strip of batting if needed when my batting piece is just an inch or so too short!

So far, I’ve only used the tape on Warm-N-Natural cotton batting, but the instructions say it’s suitable for all types of batting. Just reduce the heat of the iron as needed and test on a scrap piece first. I used it when basting my latest Quilt-Along, Sea of Squares:

Fusible Tape

fusible tape

The best part about using this tape is that it’s soft and you can’t feel it at all in your quilt. It just feels like the rest of the batting (There are no sewing lumps made from zig-zag stitching two pieces of batting together like I used to do previously.)

I have to admit, I did not find out about this cool stuff all by myself. I saw it being demoed at a quilt show about a year ago. It just took me this long to finally order some and try it out. If you would like to check it out for yourself, you can order a roll of fusible batting tape here.

10 thoughts on “Tuesday Tools and Techniques – Fusible Batting Tape

  1. Evelyn H. says:

    Love this product! I also saw this at a quilt show aa couple of years ago and bought a roll. Since then have bought several more and have use them a lot. It’s a great product and I can only hope it lasts as long as the quilted projects it’s used in!

  2. Karla says:

    That product works great. I have tried it on a couple of different batting brands and have had good results. I do think its pricey, so I buy woven fusable interfacing and cut the strips myself. It works out to be about a quarter of the cost for the same exact product.

  3. katie says:

    other ladies in mu guild love this stuff and I know that they are all using different types of batting (sometimes in the same project). I have not been able to get my hands on any as of yet and with all the charity quilts that we are making using batting scraps is a better way to cut costs. I will be checking this out soon.

  4. Ellie says:

    What a great product thanks and it’s at the top of my list to buy soon. I currently also butt seams together and use a zig-zag stitch with varying degrees of success.

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