QuiltCon – Award Winning Quilts Part 2

I just finished my second day at QuiltCon and I can’t even begin to tell you how amazing it is. I have enough pictures and notes that I could literally write a book about it, LOL!!

Today, I will share with you more amazing award-winning quilts. You can see Part 1 here, and Part 3 here.

Improvisation Large 1st

Improvisation, Large 1st Place – Pantone Circles by Elizabeth Brandt
Holland, Michigan

Improv Large 2nd

Improvisation, Large 2nd Place – Unraveled by Kati Spencer
Taylorsville, Utah

Improve Large 3rd

Improvisation, Large 3rd Place – Love Will Tear Us Apart by Denise Gonzalez-Walker
Austin, Texas

Improv Small 1st

Improvisation, Small 1st Place – Red Concentrate by Lavialle Campbell
Studio City, California

Improv Honorable Mention

Improvisation, Small Honorable Mention – Sea Glass on Sand by Felicity Ronaghan
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Miniature 1st Place

Miniature 1st Place – Modern Challenge by Catherine Redford
Naperville, Illinois

Miniature 2nd

Miniature 2nd Place – Analysis of Variance by Charlotte Newland
London, United Kingdom

Miniature 3rd

Miniature 3rd Place – Shirts by Carolyn Friedlander
Lake Wells, Florida

Piecing Large 1st

Piecing, Large 1st Place – RonQuilt: The Ron Swanson Quilt by Monica Solorio-Snow
Astoria Oregon

Piecing Large 2nd

Piecing, Large 2nd Place – Autumn Jewels by Krista Fleckenstein
Anchorage, Alaska

Piecing Largel 3rd

Piecing, Large 3rd Place – Don’t Blink by Caro Sheridan
Everett Massachusetts

Piecing Small 1st

Piecing, Small 1st Place – Flock of Starlings by Terri Carpenter
Moraga, California

Piecing Honorable Mention Piecing, Small Honorable Mention – Frost Bank by Claire Jain
Austin, Texas

I must say, I am quite impressed that most of the quilts here were quilted by the makers themselves. My favorite part of quilt-making is machine quilting, so I appreciate it when quilters are reaching beyond what is comfortable to quilt their own works.

13 thoughts on “QuiltCon – Award Winning Quilts Part 2

  1. barb price says:

    thankyou soooo much Christa, i am so envious of you being there, so i really appreciate you sharing your adventures, excellent pics

  2. 8machines says:

    Oh Christa, I wish I could say I’m impressed. Maybe it’s just me, but I think your quilts are so much better than those that you have shown. I guess I don’t know art and quality when I see it, but I like to have you share them anyway. Thank you.

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