Christa’s Quilt Links – QuiltCon Edition

This is my last post about QuiltCon for the week. I think I blogged about it more days than I was there, LOL!

For today’s list of blog links to check out, I am going to share with you links to a few of the bloggers I met at QuiltCon. It was quite the fun friendship frenzy with everyone meeting up (many for the first time in person), swapping business cards and chatting. Enjoy the ride:

Carolyn Friedlander and Ellen Rushman

Carolyn Friedlander and Ellen Rushman

Carolyn Friedlander is a fabric designer for Robert Kaufman. Her project, The Local Quilt was one of the QuiltCon award winners. (I really need to get Architextures!)

Ellen Rushman presented the findings of her research study into Modern Quilting for her college thesis.  She basically confirmed what everyone has been saying – Modern Quilting is part aesthetics/part attitude.

Both of these creative women were a joy to meet!

Latifah Saafir

Latifah Saafir

Latifah Saafir is one of the board members of the Modern Quilt Guild.

She also moderated a lecture/panel discussion on how to get one’s work into magazines.

The info I gained in that one lecture was worth the entire trip to QuiltCon!

Heather Jones

Heather Jones

Heather Jones presented a lecture on Everyday Inspiration in Modern Quilts at QuiltCon. It was the first lecture I attended upon arriving and it really set the tone for the weekend.

She showed numerous beautiful examples of how she took pictures of the world around her and interpreted them into breathtaking graphic quilts.

I wish I had taken more pictures of her work, but fortunately her lecture and several others from the show are available for free on Craftsy – so check it out!

Vicki Anderson, Christa, Amy Gibson

Vicki Anderson, Christa Watson, Amy Gibson

Here I am, standing in between two lovely people, Vicki Anderson, CEO of Meander Publishing, and Amy Gibson from Stitchery Dickory Dock.

Vicki was part of a panel that talked about Publishing Your First Book, and Amy did the wonderful free Craftsy 2012 Block of the Month series.

I am surrounded by awesomeness!


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