Desert Quilters of Nevada Award Winning Quilts 2013

My daughter and I attended my traditional guild’s show today and it was great to see so many beautiful quilts. I was thrilled to find a second place ribbon on my Charming Chevrons quilt and a third place on my Baby French Roses.

Charming Chevrons

Charming Chevrons by Christa Watson
2nd Place, Modern Quilt Movement

They gave us cute little buttons to wear that matched our awards. I am not a ribbon-chaser, but earning some sure does give me validation as a quilter!

Roses for Katelyn

Roses for Katelyn by Christa Watson
3rd Place, Mixed Techniques

Here are more award-winning quilts for you to enjoy. I wish I had room to show them all!

Lest We Forget

Lest We Forget by J. Lee Bagan
Best of Show, Small

Flower Penny Garden

Flower Penny Garden by Jean Bailey, quilted by Valerie Krueger
Best of Show, Large

Lotus Blossom

Lotus Blossom by Cory Allender
Judge’s Choice

Round and Round

Round and Round by Elwyn McGaugh
1st Place, Hand Quilted

Fire Dancers

Fire Dancers by Helen Prosser and Karen Garth
1st Place, Collaboration Quilt

Happy Hour

Happy Hour by Cynthia Anderson
1st Place, Pieced Wall Quilt

Churn Dash Crazy

Churn Dash Crazy by Cher Chu, Quilted by Diane Chipman
President’s Choice


Migration by Karen Garth
Show Chair’s Choice


Desert Quilters of Nevada by Guild President Karen Garth
2013 Challenge Winner

The next time I post, I’ll show pictures of many outstanding modern quilts seen at the show!

37 thoughts on “Desert Quilters of Nevada Award Winning Quilts 2013

  1. Karen Nolte says:

    I miss the LV and the Road to CA Quilt shows! Great job on the ribbons. I love your pictures. Is the round and round pattern yours?

  2. Elizabeth says:

    Christa – You are so deserving of your ribbons! The Chevron quilt is wonderful and I followed the creation of your French Rose quilt devotedly! I admire your expert craftsmanship and thank you for sharing your step-by-step instructions.

  3. Elaine Comstock says:

    It was nice to see that you enjoyed a day with your daughter after your neighborhood tragedy. Thank you for the photos. Inspiring!

  4. catskillquilter says:

    Congrats on your ribbons! The quilting plan and quilting execution on the chevron quilt are stunning! The contrast in quilting styles in the rows is very effective!

  5. farmquilter says:

    Congratulations!!!!! Great quilts 🙂 Thanks for showing us the other lovely quilts in the show too! How exciting to get two ribbons!!!

  6. Cheri says:

    Congrats for winning twice! I caught the one with the roses on as yours, but that chevron one is cool….great way to inspire a rainbow effect…I shall keep that in mind!

  7. Patti Ablinger says:

    Wow, you for sure did deserve them. Your quilts are beautiful. How great you get to share with your daughter. Patti

  8. Ellie says:

    Thank you for the pictures and congrats too. You earned it as we all know how long and hard you worked on your quilt. It’s beautiful.

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