HMQS 2013 Part 1 – Overview

This weekend Jason and I are in Utah, checking out HMQS – the Home Machine Quilting Show, and it is simply amazing! I took the plunge and entered my Busy Hands quilt into the show. After much trial and error, I was able to get most of the bleeding out, and I enjoyed seeing it hang in the show.

Busy Hands Quilt

Christa at HMQS

I eagerly await the judges critiques! (I’ve definitely decided I like entering my quilts into shows – it’s the best way for me to learn what quiltmaking skills need improvement.)

I also happened to catch a glimpse of my friend Melissa Corry‘s adorable Read With Me Quilt. Isn’t it the cutest?? In fact, there’s even a Moda Bakeshop tutorial for it!

Read With Me Quilt

Read With Me by Melissa Corry

While browsing around, I bumped into the fabulous Lisa Sipes giving demos at the Gammill booth. Her quilting helped win both the best of show quilts and viewer’s choice at Quiltcon.

Christa QuiltingLisa Sipes Quilting

She showed her stuff on the long-arm and I tried out the sit-down version. Almost it persuadeth me to become a long-armer, LOL!! You can read more indepth about Lisa and her amazing quilting in my previous post here.

Near the end of the day, I ran into Vicki Anderson, CEO & publisher of Modern Quilts Unlimited. She was nice enough to pose for a photo with me, next to this gorgeous quilt.

Christa and VIcki at HMQS

Christa and Vicki at HMQS, in front of “Andrew”, pieced and quilted by Kathi Carter of Vineyard, Utah.
Teacher’s Choice Award

It was fun seeing her again after meeting her for the first time at QuiltCon.

I shot so many pictures it will take me all weekend to sort them out. I’ll share more on Monday, including some beautiful award winners and a few fabulous modern quilts.  For now, I will end with the amazing Best of Show quilt by Marilyn Badger, called Super Star.

Best of Show

Super Star by Marilyn Badger of St. George, Utah
HMQS Best of Show Winner

What a wonderful day!

You can read my followup posts: HMQS Part 2 and HMQS Part 3.

13 thoughts on “HMQS 2013 Part 1 – Overview

  1. Curly Anna Quilts says:

    So many beautiful quilts. I’m especially glad you were able to fix the bleeding on Busy Hands and enter it into the show. It’s such a lovely quilt! I hope you get to share some of the judge’s notes.

  2. Mary Ann says:

    Wow!!! That best of show is just fabulous. I really liked your quilt too. Looking forward to seeing all the photos that you always take. Makes me feel like I was right there with you!! I love being an “armchair traveler”!

  3. Connie says:

    Thank you for sharing the pictures. The Best of Show Quilt is so special, showing a woman’s stick t it creativity.

  4. dezertsuz says:

    Thanks for sharing these. I’m not surprised that Marilyn was best of show. She’s amazing. I didn’t realize she was in St. George now, though! I took a class from her when she was in Brookings, OR. What a wonderful time you must be having.

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