Christa’s Quilt Along 5.11 Hugs ‘n Kisses Binding – It’s Finished!

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I love a good finish! Today I will share with you my favorite hand binding techniques to finish up Hugs ‘n Kisses. It took me a total of 3.5 hours to prep and bind.

Hugs 'n Kisses

Hugs ‘n Kisses 48″ x 64″

Step 1 – Prepping the Binding (1 Hour)

First, square up your quilt and trim off the excess batting and backing fabric.

Square up the quilt.

Next, cut out 6 binding strips that measure 2.25 inches by the width of your fabric. Using a blending thread helps to hide the seams.

Binding Strips

Join them together into one continuous length and press in half wrong sides together. If using solids with no right or wrong side, be careful when joining seams.

Sew Continuous Binding

Be sure to trim one end to a 45 degree angle before pressing in half and sewing to the quilt. Press all of your seams open to reduce the bulk.

Press the Binding in HalfNext, measure around the length of your quilt to make sure the binding is long enough. You can adjust where you start sewing the binding so you do not end up with any bulky seams in your corners. Leave a few inches of overlap, but trim some of the excess length.

Measure the Binding

Starting away from the corners and leaving a few inches of tail at the beginning, attach the binding to your quilt on the front using 1/4 inch seams. The edge of your walking foot may be a good guide.

When you get to a corner, stop 1/4 inch away from the end, turn your quilt and sew off at the corner. This will help make a 45 degree miter.

Sew off the corner.Remove the quilt from the machine and pull the unsewn binding up in a continuous line.

Remove the quilt.

Tuck the strip of binding back on top of itself. This excess binding fabric will fold over and create a nice mitered corner.

Tuck the corners.

Continue sewing from the corner and sew all the way around the quilt, leaving a few inches of space in between the start and end of your continuous binding strip. Mark the angle where the two binding stripes meet.

Ending Angle

Cut your ending piece 1/2 inch away from your mark, then join the two ends to finish the continuous strip and finish attaching it to the front.

Join the ends.

Step 2 – Finish by Hand (2.5 Hours)

Clover Wonder Clips

My new favorite notion is a package of 50 Clover Wonder Clips. They hold the binding in place much more securely than pins or clips. They are easy to add and remove as needed.

Finish by hand.

Finish stitching the binding on the backside by hand using small hidden stitches in a thread color that matches the binding fabric. If you want a quicker finish, please see my machine binding tutorial here.

Now you have a finished quilt! Pat yourself on the back and congratulate yourself on a job well done. Be sure to visit my Quilt Along page for upcoming announcements about the next one.

Jenna's Hugs'n Kisses

My daughter claimed this quilt early on and she’s happy that it’s finally finished!

Hugs and Kisses Quilt Stats

  • Name: Hugs ‘n Kisses for Jenna
  • Finished Size: 48″ x 64″
  • Materials Used: Kissing Booth Fabric, Scraps, Kona Snow, Wool Batting
  • Thread: Glide Polyester
  • Total Time:  47 Hours from Start to Finish

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Hugs 'N Kisses

Hugs ‘N Kisses 48″ x 64″

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