My Modern Crafty Friend – and a Fabulous Herringbone Quilt

I just had to share some sew and tell today from my friend Alexis who blogs over at Persia Lou. (Pictures re-posted with permission.) She made these 2 lovely modern herringbone quilts for her kids’ room. Aren’t they fabulous?

Modern Herringbone QuiltsShe’s going with a vintage Disney theme for their room and the quilts will be a focal point.

Disney RoomI’m so proud of Alexis because she took the plunge and quilted them herself on her not-too fancy Singer sewing machine. If she can do it, so can you!

Machine QuiltingHere’s a great closeup diagram that Alexis made, detailing her stitching plan:

Quilting PlanAlexis got some solid fabric from me and used my Charming Chevrons quilt along as a guide.  She enlarged the design by cutting 8″ squares instead of 5″. By simplifying the color palette and tweaking the blocks a little, she really made them her own.

Blue HerringboneIsn’t it amazing how a quilt design can evolve just by changing the colors and rotation of the blocks? Nice job, Alexis!!

Finished Quilts

21 thoughts on “My Modern Crafty Friend – and a Fabulous Herringbone Quilt

  1. Aoife says:

    They’re lovely quilts. Just solids but they’re really eye-catching. I wouldn’t pass on having one of those in my room. Love the quilting too!

  2. The Sassy Quilter says:

    These are fabulous! Thanks for the quilting design, sometimes I think this is the hardest part…deciding how to quilt it:)

  3. Lynne Tilley says:

    These are just great? Do ya think I could line up points and do something like this? I’m sure going to try! I need to challenge myself. Love these!

  4. Joyce says:

    the quilts are lovely and I love the backs, Just something about backs that make the quilt, I know that sounds corney but I am into backs, adds a zing to the quilt.

  5. Evelyn H says:

    Alexis’ quilts are lovely. But, then, she had a great instructor! (Her Singer sewing machine looks just like the one I use. It’s 20+ years and still going strong.)

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