Favorite Tools – Cut ‘n Press II Iron Mat and Cutting Surface

It’s been a few months since I’ve reviewed any of my favorite tools, so this week I wanted to share with you a fabulous tool that I’ve been using a lot lately. It’s the Quilters’ Cut ‘n Press II which has a pad for ironing on one side and a cutting surface on the other.

Cut 'n PressThese are too big and bulky for me to stock and ship from my store. However, you can find them for sale (usually with free shipping) on Amazon.

When I have a ton of small pieces to press, it’s much easier to whip this puppy out rather than having to set up my large ironing board. Plus I always take it with me to classes since it has a cutting surface on the other side.

Block PressingI’ve been using it while pressing all of the pieces for my String of Pearls Quilt Along. (Incidentally, my iron of choice is a Rowenta, but I’ll save that for another blog post!)

There is a smaller version available, but I prefer the nice 12″ x 18″ size.

Just like a regular ironing board, it can get dirty over time and eventually wear out. However, in 18 years of quilting, I’ve only had to buy 2, so that’s not too shabby!

6 thoughts on “Favorite Tools – Cut ‘n Press II Iron Mat and Cutting Surface

  1. ivylovestosew says:

    I’ve gotten them at Jo-Ann’s with a 40 or 50% off coupon. I like the pressing surface, not so much the cutting surface, though the handle is handy haha. I’ve known some people to make a sleeve for it so it doesn’t get dirty and you can just wash the sleeve.

  2. Michele says:

    Sounds great. I just might put it on my wish list for my birthday or Christmas. Hubby does love it when I help him figure out what to get for me.

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