Will Trade Fabric Scraps for Treats…

I love it when my friends want to get into sewing! My buddy Lacey who I’ve been friends with for about 7 years now just took up sewing. We actually worked on a quilt together several years ago when her parents went on a mission. I told her back then I’d make a quilter out of her someday. 🙂

Mission Quilt

The Mission Quilt

She recently bought a new (used) Bernina a couple weeks after I got my dream machine and I think she’s been bitten by the sewing bug now. She didn’t have any fabrics or supplies so she offered to raid my fabric stash and scrap pile for a plate 0’treats, so how could I refuse?

Raiding the Stash

Raiding the Stash

In fact I love to give her family most of my scraps anyway. Its her mom-in-law that I donate piles of fabric to for Project Linus when she comes in town for a visit.

Fabric for Treats

Yummy Cake!

But back to Lacey. In just a few short weeks, she’s already put together a pillow case, a couple of bean bags and some crayon rolls her girls use to entertain themselves with at church. I told her she’s the epitome of a modern sewist – someone who just jumps in there and gives it a try without fear, looking up the occasional pinterest board or blog tutorial for inspiration.

Sewing Supplies

Lacey’s New Trinkets and Treasures

I did get a little chuckle though when she recently told me she was in love with a “modem” fabric (she actually meant “Moda”). And she doesn’t mind if she needs to learn as she goes. She recently asked me what interfacing was for (I hardly use it myself), and she was grateful to learn what “sew right sides together” meant. 🙂

Lacey and Her New Machine

Lacey and Her New Machine

So yes, I will continue to accept her decadent treats in exchange for my fabric scraps. If I can get her really addicted to fabric,  I know I’ll have another lifelong sewing buddy!

18 thoughts on “Will Trade Fabric Scraps for Treats…

  1. Lauralee Hensley says:

    Wonderful to have a buddy like that and marvelous that you both share with each other, one goodies of sweets, one goodies of fabric scraps; One delicious to the tummy and one delicious to the eyes.

  2. dezertsuz says:

    The mission quilt is super. It sounds like she’s hooked. =) Love the Bernina she bought. Might be like mine, if it’s a 153. Nice machine, anyway.

  3. sarahschraw says:

    Love that! It’s such a great skill to have but it can be very intimidating to start. I couldn’t thread my machine 2 yrs ago and now I sew every day. Anyone can do it!

  4. Pat Sell says:

    Well, Lacey, welcome to the wonderful world of fabric obsession! There is nothing that showcases your creativity like sewing – especially quilting. Get ready for a fun, trying, gloroious, horrible, bumpy ride that you will enjoy like mad! 🙂

  5. Cheri says:

    Is that all it takes to trade…good bakery skills! I have them… I want to trade!!!! That is really cool of you to do tho. I’d also offer to fold and match the fabrics in your closet there! I’d do that for free! I am weird I guess….just seeing all that beautiful colorful fabric all stack together in matching colors just reminds me of the jelly bean store..where all the jelly bean colors are along the wall or hte candy store at the General Store in knott’s eBerry Farm where I “grew up” as a kid before it was a theme park.

  6. Betty Lou says:

    What fun to see your best friend become interested in quilting. I had that experience about 15 years ago and I would kid and say “I created a monster..” She went on a fabric binge and hasn’t stopped buying yet, plus she turns out some great quilts. Can’t wait to see some of your projects, Lacey.

  7. Sue Moore says:

    Can I come raid your stash, I’ll bring cake ! Lol!! How wonderful to have a sewing buddy! You inspire so many, thank you.

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