Sew and Tell – Traditional Guild Meeting Gets a Bit Modern

I currently am involved with two quilt guilds in my city – The Las Vegas Modern Quilt Guild and Desert Quilters of Nevada. Both satisfy different parts of my quilting personality and I love to be involved with both.

Guild Meeting

Finishing Stitchers Circle, DQN Guild Mtg.

I recently attended a sewing circle of DQN – a smaller subset of the larger group that meets monthly. This “circle” is called Finishing Stitchers and they focus on, what else – finishing your quilts! It’s a fun group and is divided up about 50/50 between domestic quilters like myself and those who quilt using a long arm machine. (At first I tried to call them longarmers but that just didn’t come across well in print, LOL!)

FMQ Demo

FMQ Demo – Practice Sketching

I presented a little demo on how I practice my free motion quilting, drawing my designs first on paper then quilting lots of practice samples before I finish my quilt. It was basically a recap of my recent FMQ tutorial that I shared on my blog.

Binding Demo

Binding Demo by Linda

We introduced new members, had a wonderful binding demonstration, and had a bit of show and tell.

Finished Art Quilt

A recent finish from a Laura Wasilowski Fusing Workshop.

It is fun to see how artistic and modern some of the gals are starting to become.

Modern Quilt

A new member and her modern-inspired quilt.

In fact, one of our members who helped found the guild more than 25 years ago is thinking of starting up a modern circle as part of the guild. I would join that in a heartbeat. 🙂

Ann's Quilt Top

Ann’s gorgeous piece.

It just goes to show that if there are good ideas out there, quilters will embrace them, no matter what names you attach to them. 🙂

9 thoughts on “Sew and Tell – Traditional Guild Meeting Gets a Bit Modern

  1. Pamela says:

    Christa, your blog post just gave me a great idea! There’s no modern guild in my area, but starting up a circle of modern quilters within my traditional guild.

  2. treadlemusic says:

    Fab post!! The “mod” influence is everywhere….and how can it not be?? With a tweak here and there we make it our own. That’s what makes quilting in today’s mindset so freeing (once we got beyond the idea that there are those “rules” that dictate what is and is not considered “appropriate” for quilt definition)! Love your post!! Looks like really great demos, too! Hugs…….

  3. dezertsuz says:

    Thanks for sharing the pics. I enjoyed seeing the guild members’ work. When I owned a longarm business, I would sit with a notebook and practice a new design while I watched TV. It embedded the motions in my relaxed brain. =)

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