Favorite Tools – Lint Roller

I have found a lint roller comes in very handy when trying to get my quilts ready for presentation. Whether it’s to display locally, or to ship to an out of state show or publisher, I want my quilts to look good! (The picture below shows my String of Pearls quilt.)

Lint Roller

Favorite Tools – Jumbo Lint Roller

I found this awesome jumbo lint roller at my local discount store and it works wonders for covering a lot of area. It’s basically large sheets of masking tape perforated together and rolled around a tube. Such a clever idea!

First, I lint roll about half of the quilt top. I can catch enough lint and stray threads that I only get halfway through before I have to rip off a piece of tape. Then I can do the other half.

Lint Roll

Clean Threads with a Lint Roller

Same thing for the back – I roll it half at a time. Voila! A pretty quilt that is (mostly) free of thread and lint. 🙂

If you like these types of blog posts, you can read about all of my favorite tools here.

11 thoughts on “Favorite Tools – Lint Roller

  1. Jane Zwanzig-Owens says:

    I have not written you before but have read your posts since you returned from QuiltCon. If it is okay with you I’d like to do your Christmas Quilt Along. Thanks for all you write. Your machine quilting is wonderful.

  2. KatieQ says:

    I am a big fan of lint rollers. When I go to a quilt show and see quilts with lots of threads on them it drives my nuts. It’s easy to remedy before displaying them.

  3. Bobbi says:

    Lint rollers are one of my favorites, too! I’m constantly lint rolling my ironing board, because one of my kitties thinks its and awesome place to sleep. Same thing with a quilt. By the time I’ve finished one, it’s been used as a bed many a time by both of the kitties. Lint rollers are awesome!

  4. Darlene Crosby says:

    Good idea! I learned in an online class that using a lint roller on a Jelly Roll before you open it helps to take off a lot of it too!

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