Sew and Tell – Wholesale Fabric Shopping

Jason and I attended a fabric trade show this week right here in Las Vegas. There are some good things to be said about living in this city! It’s like a mini quilt market where we get to go twice a year and meet with our fabric reps to preview the latest lines.

Christa Meeting with Michael Miller Sales Rep

Christa Meeting with Michael Miller Sales Rep

Jason and I are on a mission to search out the best precuts to sell in our Amazon store as a way to transition much of the work we do away from our home. (The kids would like their play room back.)

As we met with lots of different fabric companies, it was interesting to note how many of them are not carrying much in the way of precuts.

We all know that Moda is the king of precuts. We carry most of their charm packs, layer cakes and jelly rolls and quite a few fat quarter bundles. We also stock a fair amount of Kaufman precuts, and we just added Riley Blake to the mix to see how well they sell.

Precut Fabric Samples

Precut Fabric Samples

However, some of the smaller companies are having a harder time breaking into the precut market. One very small company whom I will not name, didn’t even know what a charm pack was!

We tried to talk to as many vendors as we could, letting them know if they were interested in adding precuts to the mix, we were willing to buy! I was very impressed with the excellent variety of precuts that Michael Miller has to offer. So watch for those in our precut section soon.

Hotel Carpet

Inspiring Hotel Carpeting

The convention hotel had some great carpeting that we noticed on the way out. Would this make a great machine quilting design or what?!

8 thoughts on “Sew and Tell – Wholesale Fabric Shopping

  1. Jessica B. says:

    I primarily paper piece, so I don’t use a lot of precuts. But I have used several quilt patterns recently that call for them, and I have to say that it sure cuts out a lot of the work! And I love having sets that are already matched together so nicely. I would like to get in to using them more often.

  2. In The Boon Docks says:

    They must of had quilters in mind when they where shopping for carpet. I’m saving that photo it would make a great challenge inspiration photo. We should talk about it when you have time! It could be a lot of fun!

  3. Liz Therrien says:

    Hi Christa – you mention that you are in Las Vegas. I am coming that way and was wondering if you could suggest a quilt store (or two, three,……) that I could visit while I am there. I have googled the Las Vegas area, and it shows 7-8 different locations in Las Vegas, but I’m not sure which are storefronts and which are just websites. Any info you could provide would be apprecaited. Love your site and am hoping to complete the quilt-along (this year!!)

  4. dezertsuz says:

    I had to laugh at the carpet picture, because I can’t tell you how many carpet pictures I’ve taken in hotels and motels! They are a rich source of inspiration for everything from blocks to layouts to quilting! I’m of two minds about pre-cuts. They are convenient, but it’s a more expensive way to buy fabric.

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