I love EQ – Do You? Electric Quilt Software is One of My Favorite Tools

I didn’t realize how much I enjoyed Electric Quilt (EQ) software until I stepped back and counted all of the projects I’ve designed recently using this program. All of my quilt alongs have been designed in EQ7, plus several of my award winning quilts.

Electric Quilt Software

I thought it would be fun to post some before and after pics of my most recent projects that were designed in EQ7.

Since I love designing and using solid fabrics so much, it’s fun to see that the finished quilts look pretty close to the original designs. Sometimes the color placement may vary but you get the general idea.

Here’s Modern Trees, my current quilt along project:

Modern TreesModern Trees

String of Pearls, recently awarded an honorable mention at MQX:

String of PearlsString of Pearls

Charming Chevrons, Blogger’s Quilt Festival winner and displayed at QuiltCon:

Charming ChevronsViewer's Choice

Colorful Chevrons (more about this quilt tomorrow!):

Colorful ChevronsColorful Chevrons

Hugs ‘n Kisses, made for my sweet daughter:

Hugs 'N KissesHugs 'n Kisses

Sea of Squares, an experiment in straight line quilting and designing with charm packs:

Sea of SquaresSea of Squares

I’ve been designing quilts in EQ7 from way back in the days when it was just EQ4! They’ve come a long way in improving the program and I look forward to future enhancements as well. As with anything, the more I use the software, the more proficient with it I become.

EQFor the latest upgrade, I sat down and read the manual and followed along with the tutorials before I began designing. One of my favorite features is the ability to import pictures of any fabric that’s out there so I can see exactly what my project will look like before I start.  I also like how easy it is to design a custom quilt (hint – I like to design it as a single block and then size it to scale).

P.S. – if you enjoy designing your own quilts, be sure to stop by my blog later this week when I announce my next weekly giveaway – it’s a doozy!

36 thoughts on “I love EQ – Do You? Electric Quilt Software is One of My Favorite Tools

  1. Patty P says:

    OK.. here we go. I am sure that this has beenasked before but I am not finding the information I am looking for. I am interested in the sewing machines with computerized stitchings. Are these EQ progams what I would use with these sewing machines and how do I get the information from the computer to the sewing machine??? Or am I all confused with this also?? (Please don’t judge me and be patient) Thanks

  2. arlene franks says:

    I love my EQ program. I’ve lost track of how many quilts I’ve designed. I have lost of them awhile back – computer problems…. I’m in the process of re-doing things. I’ll never get back which most of my projects – sucks but what can you do?
    I’d luv EQ7

  3. Susan Eckberg says:

    It looks like something I would love to learn to use, but I’m not ready to go there yet. I’ve just begun quilting from your kits and tutorials. Hope to see it demonstrated somehow.

  4. Christine says:

    I’ve really been considering this software lately, especially since I want to branch out and try to design my own quilts. Thank you for showing the EQ7 design, and your completed quilt. It really helps to see that the outcome is just like the plan! Not ready to plunk down the chunk of change for this yet, but it’s great to see exactly what the program can do.

  5. mlwilkie says:

    How does it compare to the threadbias application? Do you know? I have been using threadbias for $10 a month (subscribe while you need) and would be interested in a comparison.

    • Christa says:

      I’ve heard of Threadbias and have fiddled with it a little but haven’t used it to design a quilt, but there are few bloggers I’ve seen that have seemed happy with it.

      However, I prefer EQ7 because I like to physically have access to the software I’m working with rather than using it online. Also, I’ve used EQ for years and Threadbias would eventually become more expensive since it’s a perpetual subscription.

      Threadbias is probably a good idea for someone who wants to try out digital designing and get their feet wet without committing to a large lump sum purchase. I’m always keeping my eyes open to see what/how other designers and bloggers are using and doing. 🙂

      • mlwilkie says:

        Thank you for the feedback. I enjoyed using and for now it is a cheaper option while I see how much I will do…and see how I feel after 6 months.

  6. Susan @TheBoredZombie.com says:

    Looks like you’ve really made it work!

    I have a copy of it. I’ve tried using it several times, but always find it’s features very limiting. In some cases, I’m sure it is user error. In most cases, it just isn’t as robust and I would expect software like this to be. I suspect it is just the demanding usability software tester in me, but I see lots of room for improvement. It pretty much sits idle on my desktop in favor of plain old graph paper or photoshop.

    • Christa says:

      Ha ha – graph paper is always a good standby! They’ve come a long way since the beginning and I’ve even emailed them with a list of suggested improvements for future versions 😉

      lt wasn’t until I finally made myself sit down and read the manual and start using it on a regular basis that I got comfortable with it. Like everything, sometimes I’m impatient and want to know how to do everything NOW, LOL! But I learn best by doing 🙂

  7. mudpiesandpins says:

    I’ve been using it for a couple of years and love it. I especially love that you can use actual fabric designs to see how the final layout witll work. Being space limited a design wall isn’t an option in my house but I find I rarely need it as I work out my layouts on EQ7.

  8. Jessica B. says:

    I bought EQ5 on eBay for REALLY cheap to test it out and see if I liked the basic software before splurging. I absolutely adore it. All of a sudden I am able to design blocks in a matter of minutes, and it is a blast. I am definitely sure I want to upgrade to EQ7 in the very near future!

  9. Afton Warrick @ Quilting Mod says:

    EQ7 is not compatable with Macs unless you buy Parallels to run it. I use it quite often, but we have a love/hate relationship. It is an expensive program and frequently glitches when I am designing more complex patterns. However, I still use it all the time because it creates professional-looking patterns.

  10. Emily says:

    Does EQ7 help you figure out how much fabric you will need? That’s where I always go wrong (I usually end up with WAY TOO MUCH fabric).

  11. Lorna McMahon says:

    To allow you to import images of actual fabrics is an invaluable design feature. I design my quilts with a pencil and graph paper. Your current quilt along is going well and I it is great to see everyone’s versions popping up on their blogs!

  12. Kim M says:

    This looks like it would be so useful! I’d love to be able to electronically play with layouts before doing it with my actual blocks (moving around my 180 HSTs last night could have been made way easier!).

  13. Michele says:

    I just received EQ7 for my birthday but haven’t had time to even open the box yet. Hopefully soon. I have a bunch of quilt designs in my head that I want to turn into real patterns and then real quilts.

  14. Debi Bielawski says:

    I want to try it but hesitated for two reasons;
    1. I would never get off tbe computer. ….if I am not at my sewing machine then I looking for something on the computer. And
    2. Can you buy EQ7 or do you have to start at an earlier editon?

  15. Darlene Crosby says:

    I bought EQ7 earlier this year and haven’t used it yet…seems overwhelming! You have inspired me to give it a try:)

  16. Jayne says:

    I’ve been hearing a lot about this program lately. Very timely! I would love to get into pattern making and have been looking for a computer program! Is it compatible wit Macs?

  17. CathyK says:

    I just got the EQ7 for my 50th birthday. I am a little afraid to open it up!! However, after seeing the wonderful quilts you’ve designed, I am inspired to open it up and give it a try!

  18. Kristy @ Quiet Play says:

    I love being able to import the actual fabrics too – really gives you an idea of how it’s going to look as a finished quilt! Definitely an EQ7 fan here – though it was quite a learning curve to start with!

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