A Little Light Reading…

Since taking up modern quilting, I’ve had a desire to learn more about modern art and graphic design, in order to better understand what makes a successful modern quilt. I’m also trying to figure out why I’m drawn to these quilts so much. I just love the graphic quality of high-contrast modern quilts with their sleek lines and lack of embellishment.

Modern Art BooksI’m still kicking myself for not pursuing art in college (yeah, yeah, a business degree was so much more “practical”). But as they say, it’s never to late to learn! Jason was observant enough to see my recent interest in art history as it pertains to quilting, and he quickly ordered a couple of used books for me from Amazon so that I can pursue a little independent study on my own. 🙂

How about you? What moves you to action and inspires you to learn?

13 thoughts on “A Little Light Reading…

  1. Carole Hill says:

    every quilt I do I try to find a new way to quilt it, by not using the “normal” quilting motifs over and over again. I have some craftsy classes like dot to dot quilting, that really helped me on a quilt, and I also add more than one design to most of my quilts. I like being different on the quilting, and I sometimes use ideas from eq7 for colors and blocks. I do, however like to make my own designs, if I can. I’m always looking for different ideas, and I like the quilting you did on this quilt. So simple but interesting.

  2. springleafstudios says:

    commented this morning but I think it got lost. I actually do have an art degree in graphic design and wish I had business to go with it. In addition to looking at art books I also read creative business books. For your study I’d recommend something that covers the principles of design. Things like composition, line, balance, rhythm etc to go along with the study of modern art. If I see one I’ll let you know. Enjoy your reading.

  3. Anne springleafstudios says:

    I did study art in college. Graphic design to be exact. What I didn’t get was any business background which I could really really use. I still study art for inspiration like you are doing but also creative arts business books too. Pick up a good book on the basics of 2 dimensional design or something that covers things like composition, line, balance etc to get a good grasp of the fundamental principles of all good art. Enjoy.

  4. Elizabeth White says:

    Since Houston has a large public library system, I have been checking out books featuring artists whose work I admire. The latest books have been about Georges Braque, Kandinsky, and Klee. Whenever I visit a museum, I check out the postcards in the gift shop. I ususally find and purchase a few cards with images for future interpretation in fabric.

  5. Lori Smanski says:

    That was so wonderful of Jason. A good spouse always has their eyes and ears open to the other. Have fun learning where your interest takes you. And be full of courage and let it lead you.

  6. Lis Ostiguy says:

    Learning is what drives my being. I love delving into the history of quilting because it is so tied to how women have expressed themselves and how they preserved their culture. I love learning new techniques and styles for this art form. And I love learning about being free to try new things, something that is coming from your blog. Thanks.

  7. farmquilter says:

    I would have to agree with Doreen!! I am so inspired by creative quilters who are so willing to share their knowledge with all of us!!

  8. knitnkwilt says:

    Good move! I can’t wait to hear what you learn. I agree that it seems to take more knowledge of design to make modern quilts. The traditional ones have the shapes and overall design–color and value are all we had to think about. Now there is so much more. I too wish I had studied art in college–no time like the present. Any interesting topic that comes up inspires me to learn–some I follow up on and some get left behind.

  9. bobbie stoner says:

    I was fortunate to be able to take some art courses in high school. I have several relatives that are very artistic, so I believe it is in the genes. I have always leaned to the more modern, graphic look.

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