Sew and Tell – More Quilty Love and My Latest Feature Article

I wanted to share a little more Quilty magazine love today and give a little plug for my latest article in the hopes that you will check it out and pick up a copy for yourself!

The Quilty team did such a fantabulous job editing and presenting my latest feature article called “Digital Printing – an Evolution in Fabric.” It’s on pages 86-88 in the March/April 2014 issue. It was a fun topic to write about and I actually learned a lot in the process.

Quilty March 2014

Quilty March 2014

I think Quilty is one of the best quilting magazines ever. (No they are NOT paying me to say that, I just think it’s true.) Editor Mary Fons is super high energy – even more than me – and if you’ve never seen her live, be sure to check out her lecture from QuiltCon in 2013 to see what I mean.

QuiltyIt was super fun to pick out the pictures to along with the article, and I had a chance to interview several folks in the fabric industry who are the movers and shakers, so that was enlightening, too. Many fabric companies you recognize and buy from are represented in the article as well as a fantastic new-to-me company who burst onto the scene last year- Modern Yardage.

20140228_modernyardageIn the article, I basically talk about some of the history of the digital fabric industry and a few of the pros and cons – for sure more pros! It will be fun to see where this technology leads us and to see what kind of impact it makes on future quilt design.

Fabulous Fabric Reps!

Fabulous Fabric Reps – Elliot and Janet of JEH

I have to give a shout out to my fabulous Robert Kaufman sales reps for putting me in touch with many of the right people to interview for this article. It was serendipity when I was meeting with them one day and they happened to mention these new digital fabrics. I was like, “Hey I’m writing an article about that – tell me everything you know!” So it’s always fun to be in the right place at the right time, talking to the right people!

In case you missed it, you can read about my previous Quilty appearances here and here.

7 thoughts on “Sew and Tell – More Quilty Love and My Latest Feature Article

  1. sassysean says:

    Hey Christa, I plan on buying the magazine. I’m so excited to read your article on digital fabric printing. I would like to venture into this world. Could/would you do a Spoonflower tutorial? Or, do you know someone who already has done a tutorial?

  2. Sandra Walker says:

    Ha ha ha. Reading these responses about living in rural America and being retired… I am newly retired (early retirement woo hoo!!) and live in a city while I’m here in southwest Florida avoiding all things snow, (only white stuff I want is the powder white sand here between my toes, thank you very much) but I’ve JUST spent — dare I put it in print — some more money, to the tune of $80 at an ONLINE fabric store??!! It’s wonderful (and dangerous) to have these online quilt stores!!! Great sales for backings. Speaking of sales, check out Christa’s store – great sales (and ya, I’ve spent some $$$ there too, gulp). But on a no-income budget, you’ve gotta shop smart!
    Note: I’ve bought Quilty twice now, thanks to you, Christa! DIGITAL fabric?? And serendipity? Oh I believe wholeheartedly in that. The universe gives you what you need. I’m living proof 🙂

  3. Bristol Sunset says:

    Hi Christa. I just received my latest issue of Quilty yesterday. I was very excited to see your contribution! Interesting article, great topic. ( I also think Quilty is pretty terrific, and the auto-subscribe option is great.)
    Thanks for your blog and shop. I keep one of your ChristaQuilts bookmarks out at my sewing space — it always makes me smile. Love the illustration on it!
    PS I thought your Riley Blake string quilt was great.

  4. dezertsuz says:

    I LOVE Modern Yardage! It’s become my favorite online fabric place. One of the best things is that I can order more in five years if I run out. The owner told me they will still have the design available in the archives, even if it isn’t on the site any longer. Dye lot and all, but you know how you are with a fav fabric? I love their designers, the chose of scale, just everything about them. And I’m a traditional quilter!

  5. Betty says:

    I just love all your post. i am new to quilting and have learned a lot from your post. I live in rural Nebraska and we don’t have many stores close by, so I get most of my fabric and Information on-line. I am retired now so I have lots of time to do my quilting.

    • treadlemusic says:

      Betty, I, too, am retired and live in rural America (S.E. MN, 30 miles due West of LaCrosse,WI). Without the ‘net and blogs like this one we would be so lacking in info/inspiration/education!!!! I have a couple of quilt shops fairly close but none that offer the help that I find here and other great blogs!!! Kudos to all…..and hugs………….

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