Fabric Friday – Get the “Skinny” on New Kona Roll Ups and Dots!

For Fabric Friday, I’m happy to feature some colorful new precuts from Robert Kaufman. I adore working with solids and was pleased to see the addition of more solid colored Jelly Roll bundles (Kaufman calls them Roll-Ups) – 2.5″ strips of all one color!

kona_rollsSome of the new Kona Solid Roll-Ups. Aren’t they yummy?

I stock every new color they have: Parchment, Purple, Riviera, Bahama Blue, Blue Grass, Lipstick, and Coal. Along with basics (snow, white, black, etc.), this makes for a great base of colors from which to choose!

The new colors, along with many of the previous colorways are also available in precut skinny strips (1.5″ wide) and charm packs.

kona_skinnyGet the “skinny” on these brand new Kona solid precuts!

Along with boxes and boxes of Kona solid precuts, I also got in the latest Kaufman geometrics – an awesome assortment of dots! They are “Spot On” scrumptious.

kaufman_spot_onSpot On – Primary Perfection Colorway by Robert Kaufman

Spot On comes in 6 different colorways: Dress Up, Holiday Glitz, Prep School, Primary Perfection, Shadow Play, and Summer Lovin’. Click here to see them all! Personally, I love Shadow Play (below) because I never get tired of black, white and grey. 🙂

spot_on_shadowI love the fact that Robert Kaufman is working hard to bring more and more precuts to market. It’s my somewhat lofty goal to eventually carry every precut there is. So if you see a current bundle out there that I don’t have – please leave me a comment and I’ll try to pick it up!

12 thoughts on “Fabric Friday – Get the “Skinny” on New Kona Roll Ups and Dots!

  1. Carole Hill says:

    Oh how I like all of the new colors for Kona Roll-ups, As soon as I can afford to add another roll-up, I will have some more new ideas on what to do with them…….there are so many patterns to choose from and design my own ideas for quilts. I love also that there are many polka dots, they are very hard to find in the right colors. Thanks again!

  2. Carole Hill says:

    Christa, just wanted to let you know that I received my prize fabric of Michael Miller solid color squares, today, sat the 19th. They are so colorful and pretty. The first thing I did was to start looking at modern quilt patterns to find something that I may use and to maybe make a pattern of my own. I can hardly wait to try it all out in the coming months. Thanks again for picking my name. I found the message on my other e-mail address. But this is the one that I use for my quilting info. Thanks again!

  3. Alice says:

    FANTASTIC, I love jelly rolls and would love to see a precut in a bright yellow in all sizes of precuts. Thanks Christa for bringing them to us. I would also like to see some of the assorted jelly roll prints of 40 with more than one of a kind—like 4 or 5

  4. Ellie says:

    How about solid fabric rainbow colors cut in fat quarter bundles? Would be a great time saver! Would love the whole color spectrum so it would consist of at least 30 cuts.

  5. Debby says:

    love all the colors! and dots…………lots and lots of dots! grey and black with some accent color is my new thing.

  6. Jeri Niksich says:

    I wish some “jelly Rolls” or “Skinny Strips” came out with..by another name of course..1″ & 2″ rolls as I am at the point of cutting 1″ & 2″ sashings in a solid color of red for a QAYG quilt for my son, but with the over 100 hours I’ve slowly put into his quilt, I’m sure by the time I finish it there will be 1″ & 2″ rolls available by what ever name. That’s just my luck. Thanks for reading my rambling 🙂

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