Christa’s Soap Box – Community Vs. Content

Today’s soap box was inspired by an earlier post from my friend Lee at Freshly Pieced. She very eloquently wrote a thought provoking essay entitled, “Are Blogs Dead?” referring to the idea that in some circles, Instagram my be supplanting blogs as quilters’ social media of choice.

Fortunately, her conclusion was that no, blogs are note dead – they are just different!

binding_clips1It’s been fun to use my blog to share tips, tricks and tutorials, like how to bind a quilt.

This got me to thinking about social media and why I am so attracted to it. I think it really is about the community and the content. I view my blog as my “Home Base” or my place to “be.” It’s where others can come find me, and see what I’m up to. It won’t change locations or format (unless WordPress does something very drastically different which I highly doubt). My blog is very reliable and I can choose to write as little or a much as I like.

I can be myself here, share the occasional peek into my personal life, and people can choose to read or not at their leisure. It’s also a place where I can store many of my ideas and thoughts as I quilt, along with tons of free content I’m happy to share. (You should see my WIP posts that have not been posted yet – they go on for pages and pages, LOL!!)

Running in Utah

I don’t mind sharing both my personal and professional life on my blog.

However, Lee did bring up a good point which I hadn’t thought of before. Blogs are becoming more of a one way content generator and less of a vehicle for two-way communication. I know from my stats that I get a lot of traffic and people reading my blog, even if they don’t comment as much as they read. Heck I do the same thing – I follow over 100 blogs on a regular basis but I read far more than I comment.

So that’s where other social media like facebook, instagram or flickr come in. I think people, including myself, like the instant gratification that a quick comment or “like” can generate.

For me personally, I just can’t get into facebook, and flickr has become really user unfriendly lately – but I love checking instagram on a daily basis (@christaquilts). It’s quick and easy to pop in for a few minutes to see what beautiful things others are making, and it’s fun to leave a quick message or get instant feedback on what I’m working on. I also think of it as a way to share real-time snaphsots of daily life, which I can then turn into a cohesive “story” later on my blog.

20140710_snippetsI love to share “snippets” of my life on instagram, – or the “in-between” posts.

So I agree with Lee – blogs are definitely not dead, but their use is evolving. Because I’m the type of person that likes to have everything neatly organized in it’s own little box, I love the idea of referencing blogs mainly for content, and using instagram for my daily dose of quilty socialization.

How about you – what are your favorite ways to utilize social media?


58 thoughts on “Christa’s Soap Box – Community Vs. Content

  1. Lynn says:

    I read your blog daily – read other blogs. I use facebook too. And your right I read way more than I comment. I have never even gotten on instagram, guess I need to check it out.

  2. Janet says:

    I love blogs. I am not interested in a “like”. Tells me nothing about you, why you liked what I had to say or show, or if you even “got it. I don’t tweet or instagram and lots of instagram pictures I have seen aren’t very interesting. I follow face book to see what some friends who live far away and don’t blog are doing. I’m a stick in the mud too. I like blogging and so why should I change? There’s my rant. πŸ™‚

  3. Melissa Ryther says:

    I love blogs, they uplift and inspire me and I am so glad that people like you take the time to share. On a personal note, I have been trying to motivate myself to try running (my hubby has taken it up) and you look so cute (and are shaped a bit like me, curvy and awesome) in your picture, that I am gonna try it! Thanks for the inspiration.

  4. Debi Jimenez says:

    I read your blog, and the info on Craftsy but the rest comes from newsletters filled with tips tricks and all kinds of how to’s. I don’t blog yet, time is the reason for that. In general, I find it more personal to send an email or text. I do write comments on the blogs I visit if I relate to the topic..but I always someone really going to read this? Sometimes, I really hope they do, but there are times when I am so tired that if someone read what I wrote they might think I am nuts..which I am but only a little.

  5. Kathy says:

    I read a few blogs. I don’t have time to do a lot of blog reading. I rarely ever comment. I really should do so more often just to let the writers of the ones I know how much I appreciate and enjoy them. Yours is one of my favorites.

  6. Linda H. says:

    You and I are precisely on the same page about blogging. Though I am happy to share a picture now and then on Instagram, and “like” and comment on others’ projects (I follow 180 IGers), I like reading more details in blogs. Of the 109 blogs I follow, I comment on at least three-fourths of them, and unless I’m hosting a giveaway, I always reply to people who comment on my blog. All this takes times of course, but time is required to nurture friendships. I only get frustrated with blogging when I see stats and know that hundreds of people are reading and not commenting – Who are you?! – and when some commenters are (still) no-reply. I will agree that blog posts are less frequent. I’ve never had a Facebook account, and refuse to get one, and Flickr just has me confused. Ha! I’m glad you and I are able to stay in touch through our blogs and IG. It’s been great getting to know you!

  7. Deborah says:

    I agree completely. Sometimes it gets discouraging not to get the comments, but the stats show that people are visiting. So I have to just write for me and whoever reads whenever they do. Great post and I don’t usually leave comments either!

  8. Pattie C says:

    I wish more people would put their pictures on a blog or Pinterest because a lot of us do not IG, I’m not interested in staring at a tiny phone screen and I can’t stand twitter, too much mean, useless talk. I don’t comment very often but will when an issue interests me.

  9. Dot says:

    I love reading blogs, and would comment more often, but my comments often disappear, fended off by some login requirement. I know that spammers are a problem, but non-spammers pay the price.

    Thank you for your interesting blog. And for not having a comment login!

  10. Susan says:

    I read blogs. I don’t do FB, Instagram, Flickr. The only other social media I am connected to is Link In for business purposes only. I am disappointed in blogs/bloggers that let their blogs lapse as they are caught up in all the other social media. I usually unsubscribe from those blogs as I think, “What’s the use?”.

  11. Pat S says:

    I don’t do FB or IG. I have a Flickr account because I don’t have a blog and it gives me a place to backup my photos but I’ve never really grasped how it can be used for much of anything else. It seems like Yahoo, Flickr, Google and all the others are bent on taking away what we like best about their applications.

    I would be totally bereft if everyone stopped blogging. I’ve learned so much from bloggers like you.

  12. Leanne Parsons says:

    I’ve only been blogging a little over a year, but I really enjoy the feedback I get there. I read a lot of blogs, but only comment probably less than half the time. It’s fun to see what people are working on and read all the detail that can go into a blog post. I’ve been on instagram a couple of months and love the instant feedback and that sometimes by posting to a # or by tagging a designer I get a comment or a like from someone who is “someone” in the industry (including a like from you the other day that gave me a huge boost!).

  13. Duluthgirl says:

    I think they (IG and blogs) have very separate purposes. To me IG is more on instant inspiration and blogs provide me a way to know more….more about the quilts, more about the blogger, more about new things in the quilting world.

  14. Judy B says:

    I love Facebook for interacting with friends and family on a whaat-are-you-doing-right-now basis.
    My blog is more like a public diary – I have only two followers but occasionally I have other readers. But that’s ok.

  15. Janet Meeks says:

    I seldom comment, but I do enjoy your blog and a few others that I read. I am not at all interested in Instagram or twitter. I have learned a lot from you and expanded my interest from traditional quilting to include more modern designs. Thanks for what you do.

  16. Katie says:

    I guess I need to get into Instagram, but I love reading blogs and connecting with my Facebook quilting groups! This is one of my favorite blogs, informative and personal!

  17. jess says:

    I read blogs. I don’t subascribe to magazines and I don’t watch much TV, so reading blogs is my relaxing entertainment. I am on FB for family. l don’t have a smart phone so IG is out for me. And, on the onehand, I’m bummed that there is a great community I’m not a part of, but on the other , I just can’t keep up with everything. I’d rather take me free time and sew anyway. I guess the other thing about taking in a flood of social media…it makes me question my decisions or indecisive about projects I’m working on or about to start. With so many possibilities, am I doing the right thing with this group of fabrics? Etc. Who needs that pressure?! I have a few quilty real life friends thanks to the LVMQG so I’ll just stick to that πŸ™‚

  18. LJ says:

    I am not a social media kind of person. I find most of them-Facebook, Flickr-just irritating and hard to navigate and somewhat invasive. I’m not all that interested in everyone’s daily goings-on. I read lots of blogs to see what others are doing, for inspiration, to learn from quilters who know more than I do about the craft or have amazing tips to pass along. No way do I have time to comment on every blog that I follow. Every once in awhile, I comment on something I find outstanding or pertinent. Thank you for keeping your wonderful blog full of fabulous things!

  19. stitchinstein says:

    I joined Facebook but find it really only good to keep up with family and friends and some groups but as a content place to go back to to find things it is really bad. I love my blog. After many years I now have content enough that I can type in the search window and find things. I also like wordpress because I can read lots of blogs easily. I guess it just depends on how much time you want to spend in conversation I guess. This is a great topic Christa!

  20. bayeaston says:

    I find I’m blogging less and less and less because it’s a lot of work with very little in return. From Sitemeter, I can see that I have lots of visitors especially from Google and Pinterest, but 99.9% never comment. I don’t make money from blogging–no advertising, no freebies for reviews. It would be nice to have a few “thanks for the idea” from some of those hundreds of pinners who seems to like some of my posts. I used to do tutorials, let people know where I got patterns, tools, and supplies, and review things, but not any more. I am making an occasional post that will interest the two or three bloggers who post comments. When I found using Pinterest was turning me into a taker who never gives so much as a thank you, I made a decision that if I wanted to pin something, I would have to leave a comment thanking the blogger.

    Blogging may not be dead, but I think good craft blogging is shrinking fast. Many of my favorite not-for-profit bloggers are posting far, far less often and some have stopped altogether. I’m find I am dropping many of my long-time craft blogs because of the constant and ever-increasing advertising and demands for support in facebook, twitter and the list goes on and on. I almost never post to link parties anymore. They only bring a temporary flood of takers.

    On the bright side, I’m getting a lot more actual sewing and crafting done now that I have fewer blogs on my list.

  21. Diane W says:

    I only blog, and not everyday and not the same day every week. I like posting about what I am working on or finishes. If life gets in the way that’s okay with me too. I love my followers and comments. I guess I’m “old school” I don’t have to know what someone is doing every minute of the day, so I don’t FB, but I do love my blog and reading others. I have learned so much especially longarming.

  22. Hedy says:

    I do not want to live on a computer, or a cell phone as young people tend to do. I only read the blogs when I want to and only follow certain people. I love tutorials about quilting, always finding other ways to do something easier or better. I do not comment often, I am too busy living my life. I absolutely hate FB, who cares what you are having for dinner or where you are going on a daily basis ? So that is my soapbox, time to get off of it and enjoy my life. I am getting a baby Basset Hound from the pound today and I am so excited !!!

  23. Louise says:

    I love my blogs and coffee – it is my personal time in the morning. I don’t like to be constantly connected so it is a decision for me to sit down and read a well written post. That being said I know I am in the minority.

  24. Renee says:

    I totally agree with you! I like using my FB for just personal stuff–and keep the friend list pretty small. The blog is for quilting stuff and sharing my process in detail, and IG is a good mix of quilty stuff and snippets of my daily life. And I love the interaction I get on IG! I’ve gotten to know quilty friends so much better through it!

  25. Susan says:

    I like reading your blog. I don’t know how to do Instagram, and Facebook I look at for friends and families photos only.

  26. Sandy says:

    Like you, Christa, I’m not into Facebook. I have an account only so that I can see what my children and grandchildren have posted. I have a blog, but I’m not as regular as you about posting to that, and I’ve never used Instagram or Pinterest; I just hate to think how much time I’d spend there! πŸ˜‰ I do have a Twitter account and try to remember to post there when I have a new blog entry, but I don’t put out personal stuff, like where I am or what I’m eating at the moment. I follow lots of blogs β€” and I’m also guilty of not writing a comment on most. I do miss the give and take I used to get in some of the groups I was in, but things do evolve.

  27. treadlemusic says:

    I do only Wp and Fb and that seems to be quite enough for me. Following as many blogs as I do plus keeping up(?) with mine is a bit much at times but I so love being a part of this community. I do try to comment on each blog I read, otherwise, (to me) I feel like I’ve just peeked in the window and then retreated without saying “Hello”!
    I’ve learned so much from my bloggy friends….more than could be learned from books, mags, etc and am so thankful for the interactions that are possible.
    Great discussion topic!!!! Happy Monday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Patti says:

    Thanks for this post, Christa. I think you and Lee have the subject nailed. While I still blog, I am most active on Instagram, with the occasional browse on Facebook. And, really, what the heck is Flickr trying to do?. They are making me nuts! I still love to read blogs, or at least, the truncated version in my reader if I’m in a hurry. I must admit to rarely blogging much, but I don’t have tips or tutorials to offer!
    Thanks for sharing your take on thie continually evolving social media!

  29. smilingwoman says:

    I ONLY read blogs. I don’t browse around Facebook much. I do not use any other social media. And I like it that way. I love reading blogs, but don’t comment much. I am 67 and like checking in with what people are doing on their blogs. Don’t plan to change my habits at this late date! Tee-hee! Keep up the good work, and keep me coming back for more. Thanks for sharing with us.

  30. Judy Carson says:

    Good post Christa! I like reading through blogs because of detail options in posts & tutorials.

    I’m trying to understand why I want to add Instagram … I’m on FB, but, like you, not a big fan and I’m on Pinterest, which I like the options there. In a nutshell, what is the advantage to Instagram?

    Sent from my iPhone – Judy


  31. Carmen says:

    Hi Christa-I read blogs and sometimes comment, but I absolutely don’t do any other “social” media outlet. I also don’t have a smart phone or one that takes pictures, my cell phone is a Tracphone, from 2006, it does everything that I need, which is take a call and I can call out on. It’s also NOT glued to my ear or my hand, as I’ve seen some people do.

  32. Carolyn says:

    Christa, you continue to be a great inspiration to me both through your blog and weekly newsletters. I have ventured into more modern quilting ideas after having been steeped in the traditional for over 20 years and am thoroughly enjoying it thanks to you and your blog. I can’t see blogs and blogging taking a back seat to other forms of media and social networking as their content cannot be replicated anywhere else. I love reading my favourite blogs and am ever grateful for what I have learned from them.

  33. Paula says:

    I too read lots of blogs but comment on very few. There are several reasons for this, but the main one is that I don’t get many replies to the comments I do leave. I’m not a no-reply blogger, so that’s not the reason. I do understand when bloggers don’t reply to posts that get a huge number of comments, but for the most part when I do leave a comment I am one of only a handful of commenters so I don’t understand why the blogger can’t take the time to reply. Surely the idea of comments is to help generate communication? I also started using IG lately and love that I can just pick that up when I’m on the go and have a real quick browse. It’s easier to comment (for some reason commenting on blog posts never works well from my iphone or ipad) and I also find it generates more communication. But at the end of the day while blogs may not be generating the same community they used to in the past they still remain the most effective way of sharing information, tutorials, stories etc.

  34. Teje says:

    Hi Christa! I agree with you. I have been thinking that unfortunately it’s more quiet at the blogs – at least ‘in my circle’. I thought that perhaps it’s just that those people are getting tired of bloggin but perhaps it’s the change that you said. I’m not in Instagram and feel the same with fb and flickr so I wish blogging could be the same as it was – great little stories – chating with comments – inspiration, ideas and Info – mostly fun company with friends! I feel my blog is my second studio where I’m able to connect with sewing friends! It’s even more important as I don’t have any sewing person any where Near to me, or quilting Shops etc.
    Have a great summer! x Teje

  35. June @ QuiltQuest says:

    Actually since right now I am not quilting or sewing at all – so I’m just taking from the internet – I read blogs and go to Pinterest when I have time online. I really like posts that share the steps behind a project. I don’t leave a lot of comments, maybe one or two for each online session. I do enjoy your blog though! Thank you for sharing.

  36. Debbie says:

    I pretty much agree with you. Instagram is great – I really enjoy it and the ‘instant response’ quality of it, but my blog is where you’ll find me most fully. There I can go into more detail about the projects I’ve made or the things I’m thinking about. Plus it has the overall personality of A Quilter’s Table – past year finishes, my tutorials, etc. Just fyi, flickr has recently been updated again and I find it much more user friendly. I still go there every day – that’s where my bees reside, and where I have several groups I moderate, so I really still consider it part of my ‘portfolio’. My AQT Facebook page is where I can really highlight the work of others and spread the word about interesting stuff I see in blogland. And Pinterest – well there’s all sorts of inspiration there, and though it’s probably my least visited, I still use it and ‘store’ stuff there. So there’s FIVE types of social media that I pay attention to almost everyday. Each unique in its own way, but all very much a part of my day to day as a quilter and a blogger.

  37. Jolly and Delilah says:

    I love my blog and wouldn’t give it up for the world. I only have a small number of followers as I’m relatively new to this, but I have a couple of regular correspondents. I haven’t used Instagram, and I agree with your thoughts on Flickr, so perhaps it’s time to migrate. Facebook is kind of a closed community. Unless you’re willing to pay, people need to know you exist to follow it. Most of my Facebook followers are family and friends. It’s far easier to get attention on Twitter, but it’s not a vehicle for communication.

    I originally started my blog in the hopes of creating a bit of a dialogue. I try to be really honest about what it’s like to get in to quilting and the challenges I come across, which I think a lot of people could relate to. Obviously not those who follow it though. The responses are generally congratulatory in nature, which is nice, but not entirely what I’d set out to do. I hope things change as I progress.

  38. karriesmith says:

    I really like what you have to say. I am technically signed up to 4K blogs (according to Bloglovin)-I have been slowly weeding them out. I started off in 2011 reading quilting blogs when I googled how to make a quilt, and it has expanded to other categories from there. My Grandma made patchwork quilts, and a lot were made from flannel. I had NO IDEA that free-motion quilting (the actual quilting!!) even existed!! (she stitched in the ditch, I realized!!) OR that there was a MODERN quilting world! I also followed a lot of beauty blogs, life blogs, and blogs that I found through the sponsored ads on the blog’s that I liked page. It was so easy to do, when all you had to do was press GFC!! I have entered some giveaways, and picked up some pretty lame blogs, so I’m trying to get rid of them. I HATE Feedly because I find all the options confusing, and I don’t like the interface. Simple and pretty gets my attention. They also charge to search a term within your blog list; terms like “binding” “FMQ” “fabric” or just whatever you want to look up really fast. You know that your beloved blogger Quilters-list will have what you are looking for, opposed to just searching on Google. I like Bloglovin, but find that it’s annoying bc it doesn’t include that search function at all, and a lot of times it only loads a few hours worth before it stops working.

    *I am a part of a beta app tester for them, probably because I complained too much, and I do have to admit that I can 90% of the time read an entire day’s worth of blogs before it stops loading, but it’s hard to Unfollow all those bad blogs.

    SO since Google reader died, I get those CANNOT missed quilting (like you) and some sewing (like Colette) blogs emailed to me thru Feedburner. My University email has been going through some changes with the email system and a new system to transfer to Google (shudder). For some reason I was receiving all my emails from stores, blogs through WordPress, but NO blogs that used Blogger. Even though I skim through my email, I find myself missing out on a lot!!! It cut out for about 3 weeks, but it just turned back on a few days ago. I have about 200 emails to check a day, but it’s worth it to me. I LOVE this post and would have been said if I couldn’t have commented!

    I usually don’t comment unless I have a question, or really love a quilt or topic. But I appreciate the writer’s time. I pin A LOT of posts to my Pinterest page instead of bookmarking them. When I use a project, I can remember to go back and thank the author, show them what I made and thank them for their idea-or inspiration. For the most part, the quilting/sewing community LOVES when you use a pattern/idea, make it your own, and them show off your work. For example, I probably pinned your Binding tutorial awhile ago. I have a ton of reference I can go to when I need to look up something! So those tutorial posts are appreciated, at least from me!

    I agree with you, and don’t like FB. Especially when used as a blog page. I have my own friends, but I don’t have any quilting/sewing friends on my page. I check FB a few times a week. I choose to follow my Faves by clicking the like button, hovering over it, until “get notifications” is selected and checked. That’s so I don’t miss out on important sales or other things. Most of the time, the important things are duplicated on FB, and I will get the same thing as an email.

    I LOVE IG. I remembered when you finally got an account! I commented on your account, on how you tag people, haha. I’m glad that you like it. I have found that is the easiest and fastest way to communicate with people. Most of the time, you get instant feedback to a question, and you are able to like what they did, to just show support. We all like that! I LOVE just scrolling down and seeing a pretty quilt ten times in a row! It’s the best way to get into a happy mood!

    Some blogs have been posting a lot less unless they are committed to a weekly tip, giveaway, ect. Sometimes people disappear to work on secret projects. It’s SO easy to snap a pic of what you are doing, instead of writing a blog post, and I think that’s why blogs aren’t as busy, and a lot of people go to IG. It’s so easy to snap a pic really fast. When I leave comments on blogs, I almost never return to them to see if they get answered. (I just discovered an option to check, if I want a follow up response emailed to me). dv Sometimes I get emailed responses, which is nice. I had a Google email that I never use, and just checked it for the first time in 9 months, and found that some of the comments were going to that email (since Google is merged with Blogger). Sometimes the settings will change randomly, and you become a “no-reply” blogger. So in my experience, it’s not always solid communication. I like to give my support, and to let people know I appreciate them. Recently, I have read blog posts that go into deeper issues like, whether to give criticism or to go by the golden rule of ” if you don’t have something nice…don’t say anything at all”. That person was striving for real criticism and found the sugary ” I LOVE it” to be bothersome for her. When I see fabric/projects that someone made and I DO love it, I will say exactly that! Even though I consider reading quilting/sewing blogs my hobby and KNOW a lot, my true experience as a quilter is beginner/intermediate, because I have not worked much in the past couple years (since I started following blogs), and I haven’t had the money to invest in quilting. I have a basic Singer, and JUST put on my darning foot yesterday. I started in Oct 2011, but I became paralyzed around Easter 2012, because the ladies at the Viking store in Joann’s said I would mess up my tension and it would have to be taken in to the shop if I used that darning foot. Well, Christa, I swear to God, that I *FINALLY* put that weird springy foot on yesterday and I sewed my first name. It has taken over TWO years to do, and I’m finally ready to start doing MY own thing. I have read more and have gotten SO MUCH inspiration through you (like changing your store to better suit your needs, and you gravitating towards modern quilting in the past 2 years and your award winning quilt on the cover of Quilty!), and others that have taken the huge step to get published!

    I have made a lot of great acquaintances through blogging/social media, but I want to be making the great quilts I have in my head. And I think I can finally start to do that! I also know that I will be joining the Ann Arbor MQG next month, because that has been something I have been wanting to do for a LONG time. Because you guys take the time to record your awesome projects, and your quilting/sewing journeys through life, it gives me the inspiration to do something that I thought I could NEVER do! I have always been a BIG reader since I started reading, and I love reading about quilting and sewing, but it’s exciting to start making beautiful creations that I can share with the people I love, and other people that NEED quilts! It is amazing what a quilt can do for someone.

    My sister had cancer, and was given a quilt. We have that quilt in our living room. It’s a pretty blue and purple batik fabric (not my fave kind, but it IS pretty fabric) quilt, that is tied with yarn (i forget what that’s called). But I know how special it was to my sister and our family, because she received it towards the end before she came home hospice. I want to share that love with someone else. That quilt represented unconditional love, to get through the tough times together. That it’s not always going to be good, and to spend those special moments without petty fights. It always reminds me of her smiling under the lap quilt and the really nice grandmotherly women that gave it to her. She smiled one of her biggest smiles, during a time where she couldn’t. I know she felt love and peace from that quilt. I love that we always have it with us.

    And I love being part of a community that is always UPlifting, because life isn’t always good/easy times. The quilting community is a group of awesome people that really care. It’s that one place that’s not catty or negative or drama (at least for me). I love all kinds of quilting and appreciate all the kinds, even the ones that aren’t for me.

    So thanks for taking time out of your life, to share with all your readers like me!

  39. Marianne says:

    I prefer blogs over instagram and still use Flickr. My reason for blogging sounds fairly similar to yours….it’s my personal quilting journey and a place to share what I’m working on and writing tutorials etc.

  40. grandykandy says:

    I read blogs, I look at blogs. Yours is the only one I really read read. You were my first over a year ago and in my mind we have a connection and history. I am devoted to reading your words or wisdom. I recently started using Instagram, I like it. It’s easy enough for me. I am a Facebook junkie… The only way I can see pictures from family and my newest grandson.

  41. Pam from Ca says:

    I love to read quilt blogs regularly! They keep me inspired and give me ideas to stretch beyond what I have already done or to give me a different perspective on a traditional block. It is so good to see so many young women love fabric and the creativity it can bring!! I almost though sewing was going to become a lost art. My maternal grandma and great grandma were quilters. My Mom did not quilt but could sew and design anything!! I mostly Facebook and Instagram with my family.

  42. sweetsueemily says:

    I love reading my favorite blogs on a regular basis. Maybe I’m old fashioned, but Facebook isn’t for me personally, I much prefer getting to know about what each writer is thinking with their own personal comments, I have received a wealth of knowledge by reading awesome blogs such as yours.

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