Christa’s Soapbox – 10 (or 11) Quilty Little Secrets

Amy Garro from 13 Spools wrote up a fun piece about her dirty little quilting secrets, so I thought I would play along, too! In no particular order, here are mine:


  1. I don’t save my scraps! I just throw them away or try to give them away. (I hear the quilt police coming for me now….)
  2. I prefer new fabric over using my stash and I don’t like hoarding fabric.
  3. I’d choose solids over prints, any day.
  4. I can’t work in a “creative” mess – my studio has to be cleaned up before the start of each new project.20140820_cq_clutter My sewing space after a recent finish. It’s time to clean up and start again!
  5. I have clutter issues so I can’t handle too many WIP’s at a time. I gave my old ones away last year, and now I only work on one or two quilts at a time.
  6. I’m not into quilting traditional feathers on my quilts. (I’d love to try some modern ones, though!)
  7. Quilting for business and quilting for personal enjoyment are one and the same to me.
  8. I prefer the look of hand binding to the convenience of machine binding.
  9. I consider myself a modern quilter though not all of my quilts are.
  10. I enjoy quilt math!
  11. Hexagons make me sick. You can read this older post to find out why.

I actually have 11 quilty secrets. šŸ™‚ I hope you enjoyed reading them and want to share a few of your own! Please add your list to the comments below or create your own blog post to join in the fun!


35 thoughts on “Christa’s Soapbox – 10 (or 11) Quilty Little Secrets

  1. Becca says:

    I’m totally with you on number 4. My process is messy but I have to clean up and start over with the next project.

    I like going to the different blogs and seeing some of the different outlooks on quilting. It is very liberating. I actually had some trouble narrowing it down to just the ten. Thanks for sharing.

  2. my studioQ says:

    What a great list! I have an idea for all your lovely scraps ~ why not throw them into a separate plastic gallon bag as you sew, once it is fullt sell it in your shop! I know I would buy it!

  3. Elizabeth E. says:

    Fabulous! We share a lot of the same “secrets,” and its fun to read them and see how quilters need to stick together to keep ourselves sane. (I noticed quite a few of your commenters saying they shared some of your secrets, too.)

  4. Pat S says:

    I have clutter issues, too, but the opposite of yours. My sewing room is always a mess and I spend more time looking for things than sewing. My cleaned up space looks more like your ‘just finished a project’ space – only not as clean.
    I hate hexagons and I don’t like dresden plates.
    I do like scraps and love to use them in string quilts.
    I definitely prefer the look of hand sewn binding and I have not gotten the hang of doing it on the machine so it looks half decent.

  5. Anne says:

    Love your list. I don’t enjoy sewing the binding on. I love to pick the fabric and the pattern. It shows in my sewing room on my shelves. I spend too much time reading blogs, watching for new patterns and fabric although I only follow 3. I love modern quilting and bright fabric. I love white fabric background, not so much the darker greys. Quilting is fun and satisfying.

  6. Leslie Schmidt says:

    I sure enjoyed your list, Christa. 1. I do save my scraps and never do anything with them. 2. I always wash my fabric but not the quilts. 3. Quilting is the least favorite part for me. In fact, I don’t know whether I’m worst at cutting, sewing, pressing, or quilting. 4. I like sewing the binding on by hand. That’s one thing I do well. 5. I think I’m more of a fabric collector than a quilt maker. 6. I have more than 1000 patterns, 200 books, and nearly 300 magazines. I like to look at them to get my motivation back. 7. Beautiful quilts intimidate me more than inspire me. 8. I don’t like densely quilted quilts, maybe in part because I don’t like doing it. And I know that there must be many more.

  7. Debbie Yarbrough says:

    I am sick of threads,you know the ones that hang off the beginning and end of every block. They are everywhere. They wrap around my vacuum roller, miss the trash can or are all over me. I threw away 4 boxes of scraps, I have had them 3 years, even told myself I would donate them, after 3 months of them being boxed for donation, in the trash they went. I alter just about every pattern I am following, I make it bigger, smaller or even leave off the borders.

  8. akleczyn says:

    I think I’m started to lean towards you on #2….and just can’t bear to get rid of some of my stash fabrics right now. Ugh. I started this year by purging a ton, including scraps, that I DEFINITELY didn’t want. The next stuff is the hardest – stuff I THINK I want, but won’t really ever use! Thanks for sharing šŸ˜€

  9. Melanie McNeil says:

    I enjoy quilt math, too! Woke up the other morning around 4 and had to get up to do some math. Bad timing, but it had to be done. Fortunately then I was able to get back to sleep.

  10. Jess says:

    I’ve sent some WIPs to the thrift store. I can handle some clutter – but I live in an apartment and there is only so much space. šŸ˜¦ Plus, if I’ve decided that I dislike the whole thing, well, someone else can finish it if they want to!

    Math is a good thing, and I like it (and I am extra interested in it after realizing – repeatedly – that just following another person’s math didn’t always work!)

    I hand bind my quilts, but I cheat and just carefully fold the corners so that they look mitred but they aren’t. I think that’s cheating, but by the time I get that far, I’m pretty done.

  11. Sylvia Anderson says:

    Wish I was your friend and neighbor who would, oh so gladly, come over, clean up all your scraps and run like a bunny with them back to my sewing machine. Well, maybe that, run like a bunny was a bit exaggerated,, since at 78 and with serious back issues, would probably look more like hobbled rabbit. Thanks for sharing your secrets with us.

  12. hosersblog says:

    Love your list! 1. I only work on one quilt at a time. 2. I only wash reds. 3. The quilting is my least favorite part, but I think having someone else do it is cheating. 4. I rush projects because I want them finished. 5. I have a love hate relationship with my projects and sometimes think my work is awful.

  13. Linda H. says:

    What an interesting post, Christa! I sure learned a lot about you. Though you and I differ on quite a few things, being quilters makes us friends… no matter what. I love this about quilting, and blogging – that we can share and learn, grow and find our place, and it works for each of us. After hearing CrazyMomQuilts on the ModernSewciety podcast, I bet she’d be tickled to accept your scraps.

  14. Ellie says:

    You’re too funny l loved your list. I should toss my leftovers or give them away too as I don’t use them too often. I did organize my fabric by color a long time ago but now it’s all migrated together again. Don’t even get me started on my WIPS!!

  15. Vicki in MN says:

    If I lived close I’d take your scraps, LOL I seem to collect them-but I do use them for my charity quilts. So my guilty is that I have too many WIPS and too big of a mess but hey I am happy šŸ™‚

  16. Hedy Hahn says:

    1. Absolutely hate quilts with family pictures on them.2. I sew over very thin pins 3. Never work on less than 3. quilt tops at one time 4. hate the quilt sandwich part 5. hate self basting batting 6.have about 300 quilt books and read them all the time 6. think Eleanor Burns is almost godlike for quilting not wash fabric before sewing traditional quilts and make them 9 rescue vintage quilts and tops too many quilting blogs.

    • Ellie says:

      I could have written your list so thanks for doing it for me. I don’t prewash, I leave minor mistakes in, I hate fusible batting, don’t get modern quilting as I love the look of geometric blocks, and everybody I’ve ever given a quilt to just loves it. I also find that after quilting if you wash it and dry it anything you thought was wrong disappears.

  17. Martha says:

    Lol! Love your straightforwardness. Hmm, like simple . Too much design on quilts now. Sick to white thread not those fancy named threads (though I would like to buy a set someday).

  18. Pat Sell says:

    I didn’t realize those were things to feel guilty about! I thought everybody did those! šŸ™‚

    I have one major one — I do not allways finish the quilts I start – sometimes by the time I am to the actual quilting, I am sick of the one I am working on and just leave it. tsk, tsk. šŸ™‚

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