A Stack of Finishes – What I did on my summer vacation.

I have been busy all summer finishing this stack of quilts. It’s been such a pleasure to work on them! Although it will be quite a while before I am ready to reveal them in public, I can truly say I’ve grown as a quilter while creating them. It’s been a little tricky blogging and sharing on Instagram (@christaquilts) when there’s nothing to show, but I’ve been enjoying posting a few little sneaky peeks now and then.

20140827_quilt_stackWhat I did over summer vacation. Now it’s time to get busy on the design wall again!


10 thoughts on “A Stack of Finishes – What I did on my summer vacation.

  1. Debi Jimenez (Bielawski) says:

    Love the idea of a Quilt Along but I have a pile of projects for Christmas that come first …5 AM and I am already at it…oh well have fabric …one more won’t hurt…more the better…love it…can you at least give us a supply list NOW!.CONGRATULATIONS QUILT E’S QUARTERLY…CAN’T WAIT.

  2. taylors726 says:

    So excited to see what you’ve been working on! Can’t wait for the quilt along! I’ve been wanting to do something with circles! Even know what fabric I’ll get! Now, you’ve inspired me to finish up current projects!

  3. Kristy Daum says:

    I’m glad to see that I’m not the only one who is struggling to share things that I can’t actually share yet…such a terrible conundrum 🙂 Those circles are pretty interesting, looking forward to seeing where you go with them.

  4. Linda H. says:

    I think I’ve said it before, but I’m a sucker for circles. Funny though, I’m not overly crazy about fabric dots and spots, which you won’t find often in my quilts. In any case, it’s great to know you’re working on some fun, secret stuff. It means you’re being paid for them!

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