Fabric Friday – Pointillist Palette by Robert Kaufman

If you haven’t already guessed, I sort of have a thing for precuts. I also love saturated color and fabrics with a bit of printed texture. The latest grouping I’d like to share with you is the Pointillist Palette from Lunn Studios for Robert Kaufman.

20141120_pointillist_primaryFirst up is the primary colorway. Doesn’t that just look scrumptious? It reminds me of colored sugar!!

20141120_pointillist_earthThe earth colorway is right up my alley. I love the warm undertones and the subtle color shifts!

20141120_pointillist_sorbetAnd who can go wrong with the sorbet colorway – pretty pastels in soothing shades!

As of this writing, all three colorways are available in skinny strips (1 1/2″ wide), regular roll ups (2 1/2″ wide) and a new size: charm rolls (5 1/2″ wide), all by the width of the fabric.

So which colorway is your favorite? Click here to see all of the Pointillist Palette Precuts (and say that 3 times fast!)

19 thoughts on “Fabric Friday – Pointillist Palette by Robert Kaufman

  1. Sylvia Anderson says:

    Pardon me while I wipe the drool from my mouth! These are some of the prettiest colors I’ve seen in some time, and the texture is another plus. Even though I have put a moratorium on the purchase of any new fabric, I just might have to break down and purchase some of these mouth watering fabrics.

  2. farmquilter says:

    Oh, I love the primary, but the earth is gorgeous and so is the sorbet!!! I’ll just have to take a yard of each!! Love this line!!!

  3. AnnLouise Pugh says:

    The neutral colorway blends together best but I can love them all! I still have some Pointillist Fabric from their first set from many years ago,

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