Help for Sydney – Doing My Part, Spreading the Word

I just read about the idea that Josh from Molli Sparkles has come up with to help comfort those affected by the tragedy in Sydney, (which occurred near where he works). He’s inviting the online community to come together to donate their time, money, or quilt blocks so that he and his fellow Glitterati in Australia can make at least 6 quilts for family members consisting of about 1080 blocks plus materials for batting, backing and quilting.

Click here for complete details.

molli_sparkles_helpI made a small paypal donation to help defray the cost of materials; then I got to thinking – how could I contribute more?

So I decided to make you guys this offer: from now through Sunday, December 21st, I’ll donate 50% of the sales of all my PDF patterns to the cause. (Of course, you are also welcome to donate directly or help out in the other ways stated on Josh’s blog).

CQ-PatternsI currently only have 5 patterns for sale, so it may not make a big dent, but every little bit helps, right?

It sickens me when I hear of such tragedies in the world, but it does give me comfort when I see quilters band together to offer love and support where they can.

6 thoughts on “Help for Sydney – Doing My Part, Spreading the Word

  1. Jane Victoria says:

    Sorry, it posted before I was done. I was shocked and horrified that something like this would happen in our peaceful little city. I’ve seen very little in the way of initiatives to help the victims and their families. Everyone is just posting pictures from their Martin Place office windows. I’d love to get involved, and will definitely look in to this.

  2. Sue says:

    Thank you so much. Being an Aussie it is comforting to know that the quilting community is so generous. It isn’t just the money or quilt blocks donated to a cause, any cause, but the fact people care & are so willing to offer support.

  3. Karen says:

    Thank you, Christa, for letting us know about this effort. Your big heart will help bring comfort to those family members after this devastating tragedy.

  4. Susan says:

    Thank you, Christa, for spreading the word about what they are doing. I was just sick when I heard about the Sydney shootings. I know there were six children left behind by the two who died, and that others were injured, and I’m so glad we can help them, as they have so often helped us.

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