Craftsy Recommendation: Start Foundation Paper Piecing

Because paper piecing is on my mind with the launch of my paper piecing Quilt Along, I thought it would be the perfect time for me to recommend a fabulous Craftsy class from Elizabeth Dackson: Start Foundation Paper Piecing.

startfoundationppI’ve been a fan of Elizabeth’s no-nonsense, thorough teaching style and I’ve several occasions to interact with her through the  Modern Quilt Guild. Let me tell you – Elizabeth is prepared and knows her stuff!

I’m currently watching Start Foundation Paper Piecing not only to support  a friend (and someone I look up to), but also to perfect my own paper piecing skills. I always say it’s a great idea to take classes on the same subject from a variety of different sources to gain a better understanding of the material!

Here’s a quick rundown of the class topics:

  • Introduction (7 min) – supply list and general overview
  • Block Planning (25 min) – tips on color choices, cutting, and reversing templates
  • Sunray Block (41 min) – learn the basic paper piecing method step-by-step
  • Vortex Block (34 min) – practice chain piecing, acute angles, combining units
  • Starflower Block (19 min) – working with directional prints and irregular templates
  • Monarch Block (16 min) – combining multiple templates
  • Pictorial Blocks (27 min) – it’s as fun as it sounds!
  • Lesson Bonus (10 min) – looking for your next project and shopping for templates

Doesn’t that sound fun? And here’s the best part – all Quilting Classes are on sale for Mother’s Day. Yes – ALL classes. So while you are checking out Start Foundation Paper Piecing, you can load up your virtual cart with other classes you’ve had your eye on.

2 thoughts on “Craftsy Recommendation: Start Foundation Paper Piecing

  1. Debi Jimenez says:

    Love PP and Foundation piecing thanks to another Craftsy contributor. I have taken all of her classes on Craftsy and I have all her books. Her name is Carol Doak and working with paper piecing I have had so much FUN! With classes on sale now everyone should check them out…Christa you will love her modern approach to design and quilting.

  2. allisonreidnem says:

    I’d recommend Elizabeth’s class too. I’ve done the first block and bought a pack of papers, your post has made me want to get back to the course. (That’s the great thing about Craftsy though – once enrolled the class is ready and waiting to go to whenever there’s time!).

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