Fabric Friday (New Kona Solids) and a Thank You

Before I dive into some new fabrics, I want to give you all a big thanks and a huge hug for supporting our online shop. I’ve been running it now for almost 12 years and Jason’s been with me full-time for the last 8 years. Our switch to selling only precuts and thread (and now my own patterns) was an exciting but scary change. However, our niche focus has given me much more time to design, write, and teach, which I love doing. So big smooches to all of you!

 New arrivals – Kona Solids

Robert Kaufman has recently organized all 303 of their Kona Cotton Solids into a plethora of new color ways and we have them all (at least… I think we do!) The color assortments are available as charm squares (42 – 5″ squares), ten squares (42 – 10″ squares), and roll ups (40 – 2 1/2″ strips). There are at least 2 dozen different groupings, not to mention the single color-precuts! Check out a few of them below:

Cherry wood


Gray Area

gray area

Lush Lagoon

lush lagoon

Mustard Seed

mustard seed

Powder Room

powder room

Yucca Tree

yucca tree

These are a few of my favorite colors – what are yours?

Click here to view all Kona Solid Charm Squares

Click here to view all Kona Solid Ten Squares

Click here to view all Kona Solid Roll Ups

7 thoughts on “Fabric Friday (New Kona Solids) and a Thank You

  1. 2bleubirdzsssing4u says:

    Lush Lagoon, the 2 pale mustard seeds, skip one, but the next two (yum), most all of Powder Room, and the last 2 in Yucca. Very nice. That brownish-gray, the 1 directly below and 3rd to last gray, yeah, baby. Great colors.

  2. Kaaren Babb says:

    Krista, because I am so excited about these color groupins, I’m wishing you could identify by name/number the members of the individual groups. I am lpartiularly interested in the Gray Area. Your photo looks great, but my screen is not that reliable so being able to look amongst my stash and on my Kona Color Card and really identify them would be so helpful. Thanks a million for all you do!

  3. Carol Kuse says:

    All of them in the right place. I’ve never met a color that didn’t go perfectly somewhere. Thank you for your blog and sew alongs.

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