Happy Thanksgiving and a Blogiversary Sale!

Happy Turkey Day everyone! I started my blog on Thanksgiving Day in 2010 and I have so much to be thankful for over the past 5 years. You can check out that first blog post here.

Christa Quilts Family Thanksgiving Race 2010


My first blog picture, from 2010. We’ve all gotten a bit older since then (and hopefully wiser.)

In celebration of this blog-i-versary and to ring in the official holiday shopping season, I’m offering free US shipping on signed copies of my book (with reduced int’l shipping) and 25% or more off of all PDF patterns. This sale will last through Monday, November 30th.

Machine Quilting With Style



Thanks for your continued support!

Click here for more information about my patterns and books.

4 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving and a Blogiversary Sale!

  1. Karen says:

    Wow! Christa, you have accomplished so very MUCH in a mere 5 years! My interest in quilting started about 2 years ago, and you were the first blogger I found. (I always assumed you’d been guiding quilters for a long time because of your vast knowledge and ability to share it with others–NOT a comment on your age, btw) You were my first teacher and I continue to turn to you for all kinds of info, tutorials, blogs for beginners and inspiration. Thank you and congratulations from the bottom of my heart 🙂

  2. DEBI JIMENEZ says:

    Happy Thanksgiving and Bloganiversity.
    Wish I had found you back then….would have saved myself a lot of ti m email money and even a few tears.
    Now that I have found you I already have all yourights patterns and your first book. Is there a way to pre- order a signed copy from you ? Amazon sold out twice before I got my pre order of the 1st book. I ordered one from you. Let me know.

  3. Cory Allender says:

    One of the things I’m thankful for this season is your friendship… You introduced me to the wild and whacky world of the Modern Quilt Movement and to a large degree, I feel as if I’ve come home. Your joie de vivre and dedication to creativity are only two of the reasons I’m proud to call you friend.

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