Book Review – Every Last Piece by Lynn Harris

I’m working my way through my new stash of quilt books and am excited to share Every Last Piece by Lynn Harris from The Little Red Hen.

Every Last Piece Cover

Lynn and I have known each other for awhile online but we got to meet in person at QuiltCon last year, and then got a chance to be roommates at the BERNINA ambassador reunion in December.


BERNINA ambassador friends: Nancy Mahoney, Lynn Harris, Me, Mandy Leins, Kari Carr.

I love Lynn’s concept for the book: using the tiniest pieces and scraps to create unique, fabulous designs. The cool thing about scrap quilts is that no two quilts are ever alike! Let’s take a look at just a few of the beautiful quilts in this book (images courtesy of Lynn and F&W)):


The Nancy Quilt – definitely my favorite. That green!! Those feathers!!

Wind farm

Wind Farm – I love it when a quilt can use teal as a neutral!!


Circular Reasoning is such a clever name for this quilt!

The quilts range in style from traditional to contemporary to modern, so there truly is something for everyone in this book!


Detail of the quilting on Bar Scene – I love it!

Lynn gets bonus points from me for quilting all of the quilts in her book, and there are tons of gorgeous closeup photos so you can see what she did!

The book includes patterns for 12 beautiful designs, plus a fabulous gallery of scrap quilts Lynn has made over the years – perfect inspiration for creating your own unique quilt! Templates, where needed, are given in full size and there are plenty of alternate layouts given to show you multiple options.


I love the combination of piecing, applique and quilting on Beach Balls!

Every Last Piece is a scrap quilter’s dream, and I highly recommend it for your bookshelf.  I’ll leave you with this final beauty shot – a closeup of the cover quilt that Lynn slept under during our ambassador reunion stay. I love it when quilts get used!!


Stardust detail – those stars are so tiny at just 2″ each!!

What quilting books are you currently reading?

2 thoughts on “Book Review – Every Last Piece by Lynn Harris

  1. Linda Fleming says:

    Beautiful book with wonderful ideas!
    I confess to being a quilting-book-aholic!
    I have several out just now from the local library including – “Improvising Tradition”, “Quilting from every Angle”, “A Bit of Appliqué” , “Modern Rainbow” and “Red and White Quilts Infinite Variety”…

  2. Judy Sturm says:

    Thanks for the intro to Lynn’s book. I love some of her designs–looks like a book I need to buy! I especially like her use of strong vibrant colors as backbround fabrics as I have long preferred that look, most of the time, at least. Love your blog!

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