The Quilts from My Book – All in One Place

I wanted to make it easy for you all to see all of the quilts from my book, together in one place.Here you can find pictures of all of the quilts from my book, Machine Quilting With Style.

If you have made one of the quilts from my book, or are currently making one, I’d love for you to share your progress in my facebook group: Quilt With Christa.

Machine Quilting With Style

13 friends each remade the 12 quilts + 1 of the backings. I have included their versions, too. Photography of my quilts courtesy of Martingale and Brent Kane. Here’s the order in which they are presented in the book:

ripplesRipples, made by me.


Ripples, made by Melissa Corry and her MIL Barbara

mqws_rainRain, made by me


Drizzle, made by Cheryl Brickey

color crystals.Color Crystals, made by me


Color Crystals, made by Vicki Ruebel


Technicolor backing made by me


Urban sunrise, made by Ida Ewing

Little Man's FancyLittle Man’s Fancy, made by me


Little Man’s Fancy, made by Tina Guthmann

staticStatic, made by me


Static, made by Lee Heinrich

square in a squareSquare in a Square, made by me


Square in a Square, made by Stacy Cooper


Focal Point, made by me

Focal Point - Chic Neutrals no lines

Focal Point, recolored in EQ7 using Chic Neutrals fabric from Amy Ellis


Focal Point, made by Amy Garro

Lightning and backing

Lightning, made by me, bonus backing tutorial from Martingale

lightning_leannePink, made by Leanne Chahley

Candy_PopCandy Pop, made by me


Candy Pop, made by Linda Hungerford

BrokenVBroken V, made by me


Broken V, made by Sharon McConnell


Facets, made by me



Facets, made by Kristy Daum

Finals B1324.inddPearl Gray, made by me


Pearl Gray, made by Alyce Blyth

I hope you enjoyed looking at all the quilting eye candy presented here.


You can purchase your copy of Machine Quilting with style from these locations:


10 thoughts on “The Quilts from My Book – All in One Place

  1. Kate Heads says:

    I got your book two weeks ago from Amazon UK, I love it and it’s great seeing the colour variations. My favourite is Rain, thats the one that made me get the book, although on the other hand……….


  2. Toni Arnold says:

    The whole concept of making 2 blocks at the same time is appealing. So many clever options.
    I’ve never made a sampler quilt of any size except for a small one from the first quilting class I took many years ago. It was a good way to learn the basics.

  3. Karen says:

    How fun to see all the variations of your quilts! What a tribute to you, Christa, that your patterns translate into such beautiful quilts in so many different palettes!

  4. Debi Smith says:

    I just bought your book. I am a beginner quilter but I love anything “out of the box” so fell in love with your designs. I’m so excited, especially now when I see other’s versions. Thank you.

  5. Charlotta Norby says:

    Your book is still very much on my wish list- and one day I’ll surely get it. I still have a couple of books I’ve purchased and not fully studied, so I don’t feel like I desperately need to get your book just yet! But one day, when I need a present or have a gift card or whatever, I WILL get it. It’s fun to see the alternate versions of the quilts. In one or two cases, I liked your friend’s quilt better than yours, but most of the time, not! It’s always fun to see, though, how different a quilt can look in different fabrics. Sometimes it’s easy to imagine, but at other times I have a hard time seeing anything but what the “author” has selected.
    Thanks again for sharing.

  6. Jenn says:

    Beautiful! Broken V, Lightning and Candy Pop are my faves. I can’t wait till we finish our move next month so I can get crafting again.

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