Christa’s Soapbox – Joining the Modern Quilt Guild Changed My Life

I guess I could subtitle this – “Sappy Love Letter to the MQG.” Sorry guys – I can’t help it!

As I prepare to teach at QuiltCon, the modern quilting show and conference that takes place in Pasadena, CA, February 18-21, I can’t help but pause and reflect on how much The Modern Quilt Guild has changed my life in such a short amount of time!

Here’s a quick recap: I’ve loved the art of quilting ever since I started this awesome hobby back in 1994. However, for many, many years, I felt stuck and uninspired because I couldn’t find my personal quilt style. I made a lot of quilts that I didn’t really like, just because it was so darn fun sewing them together! When I first heard of the MQG in 2012 and decided on a whim to attend QuiltCon (by myself!) in 2013, it really was a life changing moment.


The first time I ever entered or attended a national show was at QuiltCon in 2013.

At once, I resonated with the modern quilting aesthetic. The bold colors, clean lines, and graphic geometry appealed to me immensely. Now – I don’t want to go down a rabbit hole about what modern quilting is or isn’t. Neither do I want to discuss the merits of whether or not one should define their style or label themselves as fitting into a particular genre. Suffice it to say – upon becoming involved with the MQG, I instantly knew these were my kindred spirits and this was the style that I had been looking for, but didn’t know where to find it.

The best part of joining such a diverse community is truly connecting with so many people from different walks of life. Let’s be real – I’m probably not going to meet one of my tattooed and pierced BQF’s (best quilting friends) in my conservative church community, and they most likely won’t run into me at a bar – but we certainly do have a lot to chat about when we hook up at QuiltCon in person!


Returning to QuiltCon in 2015 was even more fun – this time I had more friends!

When I attended QuiltCon back in 2013, I was on fire with excitement! The whole weekend was full of and inspiration and exhilaration. It lit a fire under me to start publishing my work, and I vowed to one day return as a teacher. When I attended the second QuiltCon in 2015, it solidified all the positive feelings I’d had since the first one.

It’s funny – although I’ve always said I’d never be president of anything, I spent last year being president of the Las Vegas MQG. But when the universe moves you to take action, you just can’t ignore it! So yeah, I’m a little bit excited (and a whole lot nervous) to return to QuiltCon again in 2016.

Although I’m not naiive enough to realize that there are both cheerleaders and detractors for any organization, I look forward to the future of the Modern Quilt Guild. Although I’m sure there will be bumps in the road ahead, I’m excited for the journey, because being a member has truly changed my quilting life – for the better!

12 thoughts on “Christa’s Soapbox – Joining the Modern Quilt Guild Changed My Life

  1. Glenna Denman says:

    I, too, am glad you found your niche in the MQG, I so enjoy seeing your work and reading your comments. It’s wonderful that the quilting movement continues to expand and change with the times yet still have room for the traditionalists. I tend to prefer to innovate with small pieced blocks but I enjoy seeing all the variety in quilts.

  2. Diane says:

    So glad you found your home with the MQG. You have Blossomed into an
    Amazing designer, quilter, and businesswoman! You are terrific and I enjoy
    Reading everything you send me. I am so Happy for you!

  3. Wanda Ann Dotson says:

    QuiltCon changed my life and I’ve never attended but quite by chance I met someone at my local quilt shop who had. Within a month we had our first organizing meeting for a local MQG. Now I’m the president of an official guild with 27 members! It has changed my life in the same way. I feel I’ve found my lost tribe. Sounds like you have too. I’ve had the honor to have my quilt hang next to yours all thanks to that first QuiltCon

  4. Sarah says:

    I sat next to you in Angela Walters class at that first QuiltCon. It’s been great to follow your journey since then. My MQG, Chicago, changed my life for the better, too, and like you I never imagined I would spend a year as its president. I’ve made the best friends and been inspired creatively and personally. I hope I get to find you in Pasadena and introduce myself again.

  5. mycreativecorner3-Vicki H. says:

    I am so jealous , I would love to go to quiltcon. As a michigander, I would love to hear Gwen Marsten. I have seen her work and it has inspired local people to do modern quilting for many years here. I love your work and hope to take a class from you someday!

  6. Marsha says:

    I feel the same about modern quilting — I FINALLY found what I was looking for and, looking back on some past quilts, I now realize I made some modern quilts before I heard anything about the modern quilting style. Modern quilting excites me and challenges me. I love how it has brought so many new and younger quilters to this creative world, and reinvigorated some of us older quilters. Your post really hit home for me!

  7. catskillquilter says:

    Wonderful to read that you have found your niche! Quilting is exciting to me because there is ALWAYS something new to learn, that I want to learn. It is so open ended and so diverse that everyone who loves quilts can find their own corner and live their passion. How lucky we all are!

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