Catch Me on Video! My TQS interview and Quilt-It Demo

I’m a little reluctant to admit that it’s weird seeing myself on camera, but I’m trying to get used to performing on video. I’m really comfortable teaching and speaking in front of a live audience, but when the camera rolls, there’s that fraction of a second of “deer-in-the-headlights feeling”. However, I’m glad that I’m getting a wee bit of practice because I would like to do some video tutorials/classes in the future. 🙂

While I was at QuiltCon I had the great pleasure of being interviewed by the legendary Alex Anderson of The Quilt Show. We recently met last year at the BERNINA ambassador reunion, and it was so fun to catch up with her again. The interview is only about 5 minutes long but if you’ve never heard me speak before – here’s your chance to see how fast I talk! 🙂

The second video I’m sharing is a 50 minute episode of Quilt It The Longarm Show that is available for purchase from QNNtv. Last summer, I was invited to share tips and tricks on how I machine quilt on a sit-down long arm. (Thanks goodness – otherwise, this could have turned into a comedy show for sure. Nobody wants to see me flounder around on a stand-up long-arm machine, LOL!!)

Click here to watch a 50 second preview of the Quilt It Episode. You can either purchase the episode for $5.99 or enroll in a monthly subscription and get access to their entire line-up of shows!

Yes, I like to match my nails to my quilting – don’t you?? 🙂

6 thoughts on “Catch Me on Video! My TQS interview and Quilt-It Demo

  1. martha cook says:

    saw the sample video. photos do not do you justice. obviously it does not capture your vivacious energetic personality.

  2. Lara B. says:

    Wow! Congratulations Christa! I loved your interview with Alex and thought you two had an adorable chemistry together!
    Do you know if the Quilt It episode is closed captioned for the hearing impaired? The Quilt Show sort of is. (Craftsy has the best closed captioning I’ve ever seen.)

      • Dee says:

        Did they cut your before the video? If that’s so, that’s a great perk! Do you ever get booked on the east coast? Gotta get my guild to try to book you.NSQG in NY

  3. Deb says:

    I saw both – the Alex Anderson interview and the QNNtv episode on QuiltIt! You were awesome on both of them. You didn’t appear nervous at all and you did a great job with the QuiltIt! demo. You’re a natural.

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