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Many of you know that I send out a regular weekly email note. My Friendly Threads newsletter keeps you informed about what’s going on at Christa Quilts HQ. In addition to my blog and other social media outlets (Facebook, Instagram, etc.), I’m trying to reach as many friends and fans as possible, since I know that not everyone is in all of the online spaces.


About a year ago, I launched a wholesale newsletter, especially for shop owners and teachers. The focus is to make it easier for quilt shops to carry my books, products, and patterns. Plus it’s a great resource for teachers who would like to teach using my books, products and patterns.

If you haven’t had a chance to sign up for either of my newsletters, I invite you to do so now and get a free PDF download of Puzzle Box. It will be sent to you automatically once you confirm your subscription. 🙂

Puzzle Box Pattern


Click here to be added to Friendly Threads, my consumer newsletter.


Click here to be added to Christa Quilts News, my wholesale newsletter.

As always, thanks for your support!

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